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hey there my partner and i havent had sex for nearly 2months and i cannot stand it, its constantly like this though.. i got brave b4 and asked him what wrong? is it him or me or what and he said he just doesnt think about sex... the problem is though that i do think about it and if i was doing this he wouldnt be very happy at all.
i dont want to think the worst but i really dont understand.. if i talk to him about it he shuts me out.
is anyone else in a position like this? if so how do you manage it?
hi there, i really think you need to keep asking your partner what is wrong.. this is definatly not right.. could he be worried about something such as work or finances? is he depressed about some part of his life.. is everything ok in other parts of your relationship..if not i hate to say it but i have never known a man to not "want" sex.. i would be thinking the worst as well...

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Has this always bee the case...or just in the last 2 months? Is there something that is worrying him outside of your relationship? work stress? etc? Maybe suggest some councelling?
it sux but cheating is the 1st thing we think.. we r good in other aspects of our life, our car is f#$*ed but thats about it, it still goes tho.. i hate arguing but i know i need 2 ask wats up.. it just easier not 2 i spose.. but ive really had enough of it
our sex life has been deteriorating since we had isaiah whos nearly 2 but its alot worse now..
i no this doesnt sound good but the last time we did it i put makeup on and made myself all pretty and took his hand and said come on, he rolled his eyes and huffed, i said dont worry about it but then we did it anyway but obviously coz he felt like he had 2..
i hate 2 say it coz i no it sounds bad but yea i spose it is bad lol
My Dh also has a low sex drive. This has always been the case though, it is probably getting worse now though.
Normally the woman has a low sex drive but it is also quite common for men aswell, despite what other people may think.
Since talking about it on this forum and with doctors there has been a number of other women whose partners are the same.
It is not very nice, it makes a woman feel unattractive when her husband isn't interested.
You need to talk with him about it and find out if there is anything directly affecting his sex drive.
i hope it goes well for you smile

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My DP has had a low sex drive since I have met him. It is usually every 3 months but we are going for a record now as I am 28 weeks pregnant and we have not had sex since we conceived. He has been to a doctor when I asked him to and he was given some meds similar to viagra (thats not the problem) and he never took it. He has no drive and it does drive me crazy and makes me feel unattractive.

I think it is hard on them as well as most men cant get enough of it so it makes them feel unmanly, so they dont want to face it.

Good luck

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I suggest buyin him some multivitamins like Wyld for Men or Blackmores Men's Performance. These have added vitamins for their sex drive. Give that ago and see if it helps.
Take your guys to the doctor and get a blood test checking for low testosteron (sorry sp) I do know of a few men that have had this had no sex drive took a booster for there testosteron and were wild animals.

Also fish oil, magnesium, multivitamin and a few others. My dh had depression and once he started fish oil he was all over me before was just not that into and still is and in addition no longer depressed.
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