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The whole night? Like wake up somewhere with no kids or wake up in your own home with no kids cos someone's looking after them??

DH and I were discussing this the other night and we haven't in 4 and a half years! I think it's time I planned one. Note I say 'me' cos he's too lazy. Maybe I should just plan one for ME! hahaha

Never. We have no family up here so that's not an option and I wouldn't ask friends to babysit overnight. Maybe down the track....who
yeh. we often talk about the huge party we'll have when they move out! hahaha
we never have since DS was born, and probably won't for a long time since we have another on the way!!

we go out about once a month and have DS babysat by either grandparents, but always at our house and then we come home and relieve them.

i don't think DS would like to wake up in the morning and not have us here - he even hates it when one of us stays in bed in the morning after he gets up!!

Never. In my eyes my son is not old enough to leave with anyone for a whole night. Im his main carer, he relies on me and isnt old enough to realise I will be back in the morning. It is rare anyone babysits him for a short amount of time as well.
It happened the night before our eldest was born! So almost 5 years!
the last night we would have had alone was the night dd was born lol.

My sister had asked to have ds over night out of the blue. DD was born at 9.56pm the same night. Before that it was the 20th dec 2008. DD has never had a sleep over.

i''''m baking a baby

once every 10 weeks ( during the school hols)but we dont like to do it every holiday as my parents & kids expect it and sometimes we run out of time to do things with the kids

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Since dd was born twice she has been looked after at night. 1st time i was called at midnight to get her because she wouldnt settle, 2nd time i got her at 7am because thats when MIL rang me to get her.

I would really love one tonight though Hmmmmmm i wonder if that'll happen
This sounds bad, as I assume it's my thread you are talking about... but about 2 weeks ago, DH and I went away, as part of his Xmas present, my sister offered to have them for the weekend while we went, so we did.... other than that, June last year was the last time before that.

Just thought I should add, I was going to send DH on his own with his friends and partners and my sister found out and offered to have the kids and basically told me to go.
The last time was the night before DD was born and i was in labour with her at the time. The next night we will be children free will possibly if im in labour over night again but after that we will have 2.
Oh actually< I just thought of a time!! DP drove me to the hospital when I was in labour with DD2 and DD1 stayed home and my neighbour (who DD1 is very close with) looked after DD1 until DD2 was born smile Does that count?? Hehehe
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