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Hey all, I really need advise about something and I was friends with this girl but she started to get mean and really weird when I couldnt meet up with her and etc and keep thinking that just because I was friends with her I couldnt do anything with other people. This year I was going to go to her hen's party but their was so much *** going on all time and she was always fighting with me over silly *** so I decide that I wasnt going to go to her hen's party but by than I had paid my money for the accomdation for the hen's party.

But she reckon she couldnt give me the money back til august but than she started to send me awful text all time and she keep telling people that I was stalking her and etc when it was the other way around cause I dont have her number or email address. But I still want my money back cause I didnt go to the hen's party and she it was her she would want her money back.

So I dont know if I could call her or get someone else to do or just kiss my money goodbye.

What would other people do and im sick of getting stuff over when it cames to money?

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

Well, i guess this is the way I see it. She's being a cow about things, but it was YOU that decided not to go to the Hens night, so she really isnt obliged to give you your money back. morally, she should, but she doesnt HAVE to. I would say you will probably have to wear it darl.

I'm sorry to say it but I would prob count your loses and move on with your life. Money is a hard thing especially when you are trying to get it back from Family or Friends.

I hope in the end it all works out for you and you can move on in your life without the dramas and stress from this "friend"

Good Luck and *hugs* grin
If I were you, I'd resign myself to not seeing that money again and cut all ties and contact with her!
She doesn't sound like someone you want to ever come across again!

I'd cut ties and run!

But.. if you really need that money, then by all means tell her that you want your money back because it was going towards accomodation that you didn't end up using.
I don't like your chances of getting a positive outcome tho.

Agree with PP i would just cut ties and accept you're not going to get your money back. I had the same sort of situation a couple of months back. I was living with a "friend", I rent a house, so everythings in my name, so she was paying a certain ammount of board a week for everything(rent, power, phone, internet)

anyway long story short, i kicked her out of the house because her bf was staying every night, showering at our house, eating the food etc etc, when he obviously paid no board and what she paid covered HER only. I pulled her up on it and gave her a couple of weeks to change things, nothing changed. So i kicked her out. She left owing me $150.

She left on a Sunday, and said she'd put the money in my account on Thursday. So Wednesday I txtd her asking her if she could still put the money in my acc, no response, i txt her on thurs, no response, and a couple of times since then and shes never txtd back. I've accepted now im not gunna get the money but it did and still does p!ss me off! She was a so calld really good friend.
I just sick of me getting spewed over with money and she would want her money back if that was me but I cant be bothered with it and with her and wish I never meet her and I have now accept that I am NEVER GOING TO SEE THAT MONEY AGAIN which does piss me off but isnt worth the trouble.

She probably be a bitch anyway and wouldnt give it back and just make you realise some people a not worth the pain and thanks anyway girls

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

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