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How long where you with DP before you got engaged? Lock Rss

We go engaged after 4 years 11 months and got married after 6 1/2 years together.
2 and a half years... we have now been together 9 years in september, and engaged 6 years this valentines day!!
About 6 months..but I lost the ring (had to take it off as my uni wouldn't allow jewellery while doing work placements and the necklace it was on fell off at some point).

So my partner is wanting to do it again - was nothing very special last time and he wants to make it bigger (has to be a typical male and be bigger and better then his cousin who has just become engaged).
Can't wait to see what he plans as his cousin bought 1 flower for every day they had been together - 5 years worth - aswell as 5 roses.
We got engaged 6 weeks after we met.
We spent the first 12 months in a long distance relationship, until I finished Uni and moved in together.
Married 4 years later,

together 14 years now, with 5 kids smile
Nearly 4 years, been married 2 now smile

2 years! We have been married for alomst 5 smile
We had been together a year when he proposed wub

5 months smile

Same of us.

2 weeks shy of one year! and we are getting married in June 2013

We were together for 3 years when we got engaged, then waited almost 2 more years til we got married. In saying that I remember at 3 months were were in a maxi taxi and almost get engaged then (glad we didn't cos it's not very romantic) - so we always knew it would happen some day. Been married for 2 years in June. wub
7 years and hope to get married this year!

It was 7 months for us.We got married 14 months after he proposed.Been married now for 10 years.

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