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How long where you with DP before you got engaged? Lock Rss

engaged at 10months, then married exactly 1yr later
We got engaged on our 2 year anniversary and married 10 months later

4years in march and still wiating for a ring sad
6 months smile
We knew when we met that we'd get married but got engaged after 3.5 years, got married on our 5 year anniversary. Had our 5 year wedding anniversary last friday and 10 years since we first got together so out for a special dinner this weekend smile
I moved in with him a month and a half after we started dating, and three months we discussed marriage, but decided to wait til it was more financially viable.
Two years later I fall pregnant, and a few weeks ago Dyl asked my Dad for permission to marry me. He's such a softie.

He apparently has big plans for the proposal.

So yeah. Theoretically its 2.5 years and not engaged, but in reality it was 3 months when the decision was made.

4years in march and still wiating for a ring sad

Me too, but 4 years next Tues! sad
about 12 months

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

5 months
We've been together 11 years this year and I am still waiting.............I reckon we'll never get around to it. If it was a choice between getting married though and having a 3rd child...I'd pick the 3rd child, which might be why he hasn't asked me. laugh Of course he doesn't want a 3rd child so maybe....I dunno. blink I could broach the subject I guess but tbh it's not that big a deal for me us not being married.

7 years and still waiting.

Cant say im all that bothered about it though. We dont have money for a wedding at the moment anyway. Im not one of those people who wants to be engaged just for the sake of saying i am, and never getting married.

When i get engaged ill be planning a wedding and getting married within a year.
Together for 8 years before he proposed, married 18 months later, been married for 8 years, been together for nearly 18 years (boy time flies)
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