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Omg she is still at it!!!!
I remember your other post about how she was going on and on about his stuff in the shed it's like she is just trying to find little things that don't matter to try and start arguments over!!!
I think that moving is a good idea then she will have no clue where you guys are and can't do her crap anymore I feel for your dp and his dd I hop his ex doesn't put crazy mean thoughts into his dd to try and turn her against him
You need to get orders in place about visitation for your partners daughter. The ex has no right to keep her from him.
Those orders can also state a pick up and drop off point such as a local park etc so the ex has no reason to come to your home.

Until you can get orders in place I would keep a diary of all her antics and all your partners attempts to gain access to his daughter.

Julia (14yrs), Cooper (6yrs) & Amarlia (14 months)

You poor thing!! This woman (I use the term lightly) has done nothing but make yours and your DP's (not to mention his DD!!) lives hell for so long, you are a seriously strong person to be able to put up with so much cr*p!!

How is your DP going in regards to the legal process? Has she still been denying him any visitation to his DD? I feel so bad for him, it would tear my heart apart not to see my kids, there's no way (if the worst did ever happen and DP and I split up) I could deny my child the right to see their father, no matter how I felt about him.

And it seems likes she feels a lot, since she's constantly trying to worm her way in!! I seriously can't understand why she doesn't realise she'd have a much more civil relationship with him if she acted like a rational adult instead pf a psychopath...

Good luck, I hope the witch burns on her broomstick and you get to see DD seen. Hugs
Woah what a psycho. I'd get a restraining order if I were you. Maybe she was trying to make an excuse to get a peek at your DS, has she seen him before?
I'm pretty sure I remember you saying you guys told her to throw that stuff out ages ago it really does make her look like she's desperate for any excuse to wedge herself back in your DP's life. What a sad little girl she is.
Crazy crazy women!
Think it's really sad she would go to all that trouble, for nothing!
Defiantly talk to someone about orders etc.
You just know that she is poisoning that poor little girls mind with bad things about her daddy sad

Hope i NEVER turn into a crazy biarch like that blink

sad That poor child.
And poor you guys for having to put up with it all.

I secretly hope she plays up so the cops are involved too. Won't look very good on her behalf.

I wish you guys the best of luck!! Hope she doesn't cause too much havoc

Your DP needs to see his daughter. He needs to go to court and get court orders so that he can see his daughter. As for the pickups/drops off, get it arranged that it is somewhere like a Mcdonalds restaurant, or a park or something.
First of all, the ex seems weird and I too would be concerned about her coming to the house, however...

Despite whether she is poisoning the childs mind or not, his DD is still just that - a child. He really does need to get custody orders in place. There needs to be boundaries set by the courts so that there is a consequence if an agreement is broken.
As for choosing another meeting place, I think that sounds like an awesome idea. Sorry, not wanting to come face to face with his ex in order to collect his DD is just not an excuse to me. He had a child with the woman, as much of a freak as she is, he has a daughter with her and dealing with difficult issues is part of being a grown up. If me and my partner split up, and he was taking our child for visitation I would feel mor comfortable if it were him picking them up, no one else.
Your partner sounds like a nice guy, but he needs to get his act together when it comes to his DD.

I'm sorry if I've come across harsh, but the excuse of not seeing his DD because he doesn't want to see his ex, or that the ex is poisoning the DD's mind just doesn't sit right with me. I would be doing all I can to see my child.
Definitely keep documenting everything that happens.

I hope you guys can get it all sorted soon. Best of luck!
Isnt it funny/strange that she will do whatever she can just to lay eyes on your partner! Man someone needs to tell her how much she is embarrassing herself!
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