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My in-laws I know mean wonderful things I really do know but they make me anxious. My MIL and FIL come over only to see the baby, only talk about the baby and it drives me crazy. I have suffered with PND and they know this which just makes me more anxious. My husband feels like his parents never come over much where as my mum and dad come over often or I go visit them. He does understand that they are my parents though.

I personally think that my parents are a little bit more in touch with children/babies and how to treat them. My MIL wonders way her grandson jumps with fright or cries at her when she is loud and in his face. I've tried to be nice about it and say he is senitive to loud noises and things just doesn't seem to sink in. I just want to say GET OUT OF HIS FACE!

I guess its just the basic things my mum comes over understands routines not to upset them and will keep my routine for me. My parents are the only trusted babysitters in my book. Of with my MIL makes him cry every time, she thinks he doesn't like her she is right. I am really now bluntly telling my MIL we have strict routines at the moment only visit in these times and he goes back to bed after 1-1.5hours no longer. Is this being too mean? And I'm hoping she can look after him 2 days a week towards the end of the year when I go back to work. Bring on the anti-anxiety drugs now LOL!
I think you need to loosen up abit especially if you want her to watch your DS later in the year. Im sure she means well and your son could also be picking up on your body language and anxsiousness towards yoru MIL so tahts may be contributing to his unsureness around her & if she is going to be watching him in a few months he really needs to like her before you can leave him with her.

Be happy you have so many people beating your down to watch your DS....wish i coudl have a baby sitter just for oen night! DP and i havent been alone in 3years!!! unless you count the birth of DS and that wasnt very romantic tongue was hard enough trying to find somebody just to watch Mia for that let alone so we can go to dinner or anything. your lucky!
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