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I just want to start a post for those of you who LOVE their MIL.

I was so lucky to have 6 wonderful years with a beautiful woman who was as close to me as my own mother.

She dearly loved all of her grandchildren (18 of them) and did everything for them and her children. She could not have been happier than when she was surrounded by her family. She had a hard life and I wish that I could have made things easier for her.

She treated me just like a daughter that she gave birth to. She was unselfish and giving which left her with no material posessions and little money, but a whole lot of LOVE!!

She unfortunately passed away on December 13th last year. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about her and also my own mother who passed away April 20th last year. I wish that she could have lived to meet her 19th granddaughter that I gave birth to April this year.

So.....thank you to all those mothers and MIL's who we love or have loved and lost.

That is really really sweet. I wish there were more mothers and mil's like yours out there!!
My mother in law drives me nuts sometimes, but overall we have an awesome relationship and I love her to bits!

We live together (which is why we get in each other faces sometimes) and we have coffee together most days, we go shopping, have lunch together.. She taught me how to cook, and we cook together. Im probably closer to her than my own mum.

Im so grateful I get along with my in laws, it makes life a bit easier smile

I love my MIL shes awesome, we are more like friends than anything and shes always on my side lol she only had boys so she treats my like her own daughter, and shes an awesome grandma.
yay!! i was goin to start a thread like this lol i keep seeing MIL threads with the MIL from hell.
i dont really know my MIL tht well ive meet her about 5 times as she lives in the north island. but she is so nice.
wen me and DF started goin out he said his ex was scared of his mum cause she is quite opinionated and his brothers wife didnt get along wth her tht well cause they were both really strong willed.
but i havent found her to be like tht at all. she gives me advice as this is my 1st pregnancy
i was really scared to tell her i was preg cause of what my DF said but MIL and FIL were both really excited and happy 4 us. (this is their 9th grandchild)
and i cant wait until she comes down 4 the baby shower!!

my mum is awesome aswell shes helped us out so much since we got our own place and let us live with them 4 6months and her and my dad are ULTRA excited too! (1st grandchild).
I have to say I have a really awesome MIL expecially after the last one was such a nosy controll freak. My MIL now is always more than happy to babysit DD and is always happy to help out with whatever she can. I am so fortunate to get someone like her this time around. We do have varying opinions on child rearing but she never pushes her views on us.
I met my DP through my MIL so we a really good friends. She drives me nuts sometimes as well but its nothing i cant get past. I feel lucky to
have one that i get along with and is there for us compared to what some people have to put up with.

Most of us will be MILs one day! I wonder who will be the MILs from hell??!! lol
Awww good to see a positive MIL post smile

I love my MIL, i wish we lived closer (7 hrs away) so we could see each other more often! We get along so well, better than my mum and i do!! And she LOVES her grandkids and isnt one of those types to push her way with them etc.

When she visited last i couldnt keep her from doing housework! LOL bloody woman, she was ment to be on holidays with us but she insisted of cleaning. Ahhhhhh it was nice LOL

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