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marriage counselling (MC) Rss

i am thinking about having some MC and am not really sure where to start looking for places that are good, cheapish or even free

does anyone know or reccommend any places in sydney?

and have they found it helped or not really?

i dont know how i will feel talking about everything that is going on to a complete stranger and dh doesnt seem to keen either but i just wanna make sure we try everything first before i give up and just say enough is enough.
Relationships Australia may be a good place to start. The price is dependent on your income and they can apply for funding to help you out if you qualify. Often, they also have different counselors so if you don't feel comfortable with the first one, you could always try the next one!

We still go to counselling (at Relationships Aust) after many years even though the original reason we started has almost resolved (DH has depression).

l definitely understand the need to try everything you can before making the hard decision to end a relationship. l've been there quite a few times.

Good luck with it all.

me and my partner do relationship conselling at relationships australia they are great! they make you feel really comfortable about talking. I dont do face to face talking i would rather write a 900 page letter before i told my problems face to face with my partner but i can talk face to face with my partner and the consellor we see. We pay 35 each time for a hour session every fortnight thats with centerlink benefits. We went in with one problem and she is sorting a lot of stuff out for us including ways to manage confronting situations between ourselves = )

Best thing ive done yet
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