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I don't understand Lock Rss

I have two beautiful kids and I always wanted 4 kids but my partner doesn't which I can understand but I still want one more, than I done with having children but I have just found out that I'm pregnant with our third child and I'm about 6-7 weeks and I just told my partner and he isn't not happy at all and told me that I should go and get the pill that stops the pregnancy and I can't do that cause it's not the baby fault and I'm so upset about it and I have just started my apprenticeship again in hairdressing which I see where he is coming from but I can take time off and go back later when the baby is older.

I just to like to hear if anyone else has gone though this and did their partners came around to it or not, cause my partner said that he is not putting any pressure on me to get the pill but make it very clear he doesn't want it but I do.....

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

the pill.. hmm has he heard of a condom??? i know its different when married/long term but sorry if im being blunt.. he must have knowen you wernt on the pill when you made baby right?

no point fighting over it tho, that will make things worse, just make it clear its happening, too late for any pill and termination will strain the partnership, pretend your shocked (like you didnt think it would actually happen) and reassure him youll be straight on that pill when bub is born

sorry i havent been in the situation, i hope everything works out for you mellow
I haven't been on the since we had our daughter and that was 6 years old and yeah normally use the condom which (didnt want to use) and exactly I'm pregnant now and I'm keeping it and just can't believe he would even say that but matter what I'm having this baby and thanks, I know what I'm doing

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

im not sure what 'pill' hes talking about? the 'morning after pill' only works before an egg implants and other than that i dont know what hed be suggesting besides abortion? sorry im honestly curious as i didnt know there was a pill to terminate huh

my hubby was unsure about #3 and i was really keen, but we made the decision before i actually conceieved, it took a bit of time for him to come around but he did and now that bubs well on the way hes as excited as he was with our other 2.

my only advise it to keep communications open and try to understand where hes coming from as well, i find it can be easy to shut off about really emotional things like this. hope it all works out for you XX
I know EXACTLY how you feel. We recently became pregnant with our 4th and we only had agreed to have 3 (i always wanted 4, hubby only wanted 2 so 3 was our agreement for now). When I told him about the baby he was cross and gave me the silent treatment for weeks. I avoided talking about pregnancy/clothes/baby items with him and did not talk about doc appointments.I felt like I had to sneak around.

Sadly, I recently lost our baby. He then felt terrible for the lack of support he gave me. I have since told him I am desperate for one more (more so than ever before) and its like this all happened to make me realise that. He has not said no, but has not agreed.

My suggestion is to NOT LET IT STRESS you. You want this baby and he will accept it, just give him time and not talk "baby" stuff too eagerly yet around him (other people may disagree with this). Give him time to adjust. Hope that helps.
I just wanted to add that my hubby talked about that "pill" too in the week i told him i was pregnant). I didnt know what he was talking about too but when i realised what it was (i asked my doc what it was)and what it involved I told him firmly but without screaming(that never gets a point across well) that I couldn't/wouldn't do it and it would ruin our marriage if he continued to ask. Thats when he accepted it but was still unwilling to talk about the baby.

Our pregnancy was not planned either and a suprise for us both but it happened for a reason.

I hope your situation works out well, I know exactly how you feel at the moment.
my sister was in the same situation they have 4 kids but im sorry to say he got what he wanted i have a 17mth old and she was holding her but got to upset honestly i dont think that they talk about it its a subject that has been closed but i know she still thinks about it
Thanks everyone and I just explain to him that I understand how he felt about the baby but it's there and told him how I was feeling and than I just don't talk about the baby and everything and than he slowly started talking about the baby and etc and it's slowly getting better but I'm still hurt at the fact that he wanted me to get rid of it and when he should of put the condom on!!!!! but I'm very excited except for the morning sickness ( all day/night)

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

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