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I am not attracted to my DH to have sex Lock Rss

Did you feel this way before falling pregnant?

The thing is, after having both my girls i felt the same way as you do right now. It took about 12 months with dd1 to start getting into the swing of things and after a few times i couldnt get enough of him...and then i fell pregnant with dd2!! lol

My gp explained to me it was the breastfeeding that made my hormones that way and after a few practice shots i would be fine.

All i can suggest is asking for him to be patient. I'm not sure what to suggest though, if you felt this way before baby.
sex is a healthy part of a marriage/relationship. It can be hard to get your 'mojo' back after having a bub, but that intimate time together is important.
finding that sexyness in your hubby again but slowly may help.
maybe 'just' massages each other but no sex. or maybe just touching and not just getting down to it straight away?

let your hubby know you want to ease back into things slowly???

unfortunately I don't think you can avoid sex with your hubby forever without explaining to him why.

but it is important to find that attractiveness again....good luck!!

I'm a bit confused - did you feel this way before you got pregnant as well?

If its a pre-baby thing then I'd suggest the answers you seek won't be found here...

If its only a post-baby thing, then be assured that most of us have felt that way. After i had my first baby I felt like my body had been invaded and was continuing to be invaded (breastfeeding) so the last thing I wanted was sex (yet another invasion). You need to talk to him and explain what is happening to you. Sex (and the intimacy that it involves) is very important in a relationship and not having that intimacy will destroy your relationship.

Hannah (3 yrs) and Harry's (born 22/7) Mum! QLD

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