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troubles with sister Lock Rss

just need a vent.
the other day i got a email from my sister (who has been tripping round europe and now working in england) saying that she wants nothing to do with me and that i just lost a sister.

i have just had my 2nd baby girl a month ago.

her reasons she told my mum was that i havn't tried to get my skype fixed or talked to her.

im so pissed off and really cant be bothered with her. ive been so busy with my new baby and a toddler i hardly have any time to do anything for my self let alone worry about damn skype. (the only thing wrong with it is i cant hear the other person but the picture is fine.) i said to her that we can still go on to show her my baby and little girl - she said no she didnt want that so thats her choice.

she emailed my parents telling them and my mum rang me saying she can see both sides as shes probly homesick and feels left out or what not. but that is no reason to do what shes doing and yet im the one who has to make it right when shes the one acting like a immature kid. shes even taken me and my hubby off her facebook so pathetic.

my father and brother inlaw do computer work so she thinks i can just get them to fix it no prob but shes not thinking bout my father in law who has no kidneys and dialises every 2nd day and hes getting real tired at the moment, and my brother inlaw who does double the work when hes dialising and has a life of his own. i dont expect them to drop everything theyre doing to help me when they are real busy.

my hubby wrote her a email (wasnt a angry one was really good just saying that she needs to grow up and said ive busy with a new baby and toddler etc etc)
shes so used to everything being about her as shes single doing anything she wants and just expects everyone to drop what theyre doing, it was her choice to go overseas, so shes got to realise that she will miss out a bit.

if she doesnt want anything to do with me thats her choice but she doesnt realise shes going to loose a brother in law and 2 neices.
im just so angry need to get it off my chest dont need any stress when im breast feeding.
Personally I agree... she is immature in what you have said here. Expecting that just because your family does that for a job they should automatically deal with your probs is a bit off too. Does she realise that they get paid to do that not just do it for fun. I would personally Let her go on the way she is.
Wow..she sounds immature and selfish. For her to say that to her own sister over something petty is pretty pathetic. blink
Couldn't she just ring you instead of using Skype?
My sister went to england for a few years when my ds was a couple months old and she would ring me asking how I was and my ds etc.

Will she be returning home anytime soon?
I hope she will come to her senses when she grows up abit and realise how silly she was. wink
Can she not ring you?
My sister lives in NZ and we skype about once a week. I'm busy with work and my DS and she's busy with her work and climbing mountains. If we have trouble with skype we just ring. I think your sister needs to grow up.
yes it is really petty and immature angry considering she is my older sister aswell. at the moment we only have cellphones no landline so cant call, have gone round to my parents house to try skype on their computer but it always works out to late as i have to get my toddler to bed. ive talked to her on skype and emailed aswell so it wasnt like i wasnt trying at all. im just going to leave the ball in her court and if she decides she was wrong and being immature and apologises im fine with that but im not going try fix it when i shouldnt have to in the first place.

thanks ladies it good to know im not the only one thinking shes been immature
Wow, that's the way a petulant 14 year old behaves, not an adult!

Totally agree with you, it sounds like you've made a lot of effort to keep in touch, and she just seems peed off because you're not jumping when she says jump!
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