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My hubby is a smoker Lock Rss

Hi All

My hubby is a smoker and has been for as long as I've known him. I've just been working out a budget for our family and realised he spends an obscene amount of cigarettes ($450 A MONTH!). As far as I'm concerned this is ridiculous but he just has such an 'i don't care' attitude. His attitude makes me SO MAD!

His smoking has caused issues for years ... money issues, him not wanting to quit when I was pregnant, him now smoking around the kids. I am currently on mat leave so we have had to tighten our belts.

Basically, I just want to find out how much others spend on smoking in a month? Do you think this is too much?

And for the quitters ... how did you do it? I WISH he would just give up.

Thanks smile
You cant force some one to quite darl they have got to do it for themselves.
My Dp smokes and he has some rules like his got be outside wash his hands and put deodorant on,
What he spends a month is a hell of a lot of money Dp would only spend like half that!
I wish Dp would quit but you can't make them and he has a high stressed job and apparently after some research people with adult ADHD are ten times more like to smoke I know I shouldn't make excuses for him but I hope he will quit one day not just for him but his family too.
One thing is don't nag about it stresses them and where do they go for a smoke!!
Just leave hints or bring it up casually in conversation.
Maybe you can set him a limit of money he can spend a week on smokes and if he goes over tough I do this to Dp and he has cut right down smile
When I met my DF he was a pack a day smoker too. Everyone would ask me when I was going to make him give up the horrible habit and I would reply he smoked when I met him and I knew that so it wasn't my place to hound him about it. However he never smoked near me or the kids, in the car or house. It was always outside. A few years after we met he just decided one day for his own health he would quit so he went to a doctor and got "champix" tablets he had heard about. Within 2 weeks he had stopped smoking altogether and hasn't touched one since. It has been 3 years in May for him since he quit and he said he feels so much better for it and can't stand the smell of it when others do it either. I am so proud of him for quitting grin

I was a smoker before i had my boy. I was spending about 300-350 a month (roughly). I had been trying to quit for nearly 6 months before i found out i was preg. I went a whole month then someone offered me a cig and it all started again! I ended up going to the docs and getting Champix. If you haven't heard of it it's a pill that you take daily. At the beginning you smoke as normal and over the first 2 weeks you gradually cut down. Eventually you no longer feel like a cig. They make them taste as horrible as they are! I however also gave them up because they made me feel quite sick. After stopping them however i smoked for a few days but it just wasn't the same. I then woke one morning and literally did not feel like one! A few weeks later i found out i was preg so whether it was the tablets that made me stop or being pregnant i'm not sure! I am a proud quitter! Going on 16 months now! Anyways, after all that! I suggest perhaps seeing a doctor? But he has to want to quit as well. You can't force someone to do something they don't want to do. Good luck xx
When I smoked I spent maybe 200 - 250 a month. DP would have spend maybe 350 per month.

I struggled to give up pretty much ever since I started lol but as soon as I found out I was pregnant I just stopped that same day. DP gave up a month later he found it a lot harder though. He called quitline and used a daily nicotine patch and had lozenges.

I agree with pp, he has to want to quit for himself unfortunately.
That is a lot of money!
I smoke rollies and a pouch would last me roughly 2-3 weeks @ about $26 a pouch I think.
The papers are only about 40 cents and the filters just over $1..

I usually have a smoke on the way to work - maybe 1 or 2 at work (depending on how long I'm there - I don't really get breaks, so going out and having a smoke is my break) and then a few at night, so all up only smoking really a maximum of 10 a day - most days less.

DH has just started smoking but he likes pre-rolled whihc are far more expensive! I notice he's also smoking more than me >_>

When he wasn't smoking I would only have 1, maybe 2 smokes a night (so only about 4-5 during the whole day), but now that he's smoking too I'm smoking more with him.

We never smoke in front of the kids and only smoke outside..
We both smoked years ago before the kids, then we gave up - me for 5yrs and DH for about 6..

Can you talk to your DH about it and just ask that he cuts back and puts more thought into where and when he smokes?
It's not fair that he's smoking near the kids.... sad

I understand where you're coming from, my man is a pack-a-day smoker, and with cigarette prices having increased, it amounts to just under $20 per day...I've tried explaining to him that he's spending $600 A MONTH on cigarettes, and said how nice it would be if we could save even half of that every month to put towards buying our own house instead, but he doesn't really listen...promises to cut back then in the same breath asks me to buy him another packet of smokes when I go grocery shopping. I don't think that nagging's going to work with him, will just have to leave him and hope he decides to cut back in his own time and space!
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