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Bub 7 weeks old, ex now wanting contact.... Lock Rss

Hey everyone,

I don't know anyone personally who has gone through this, so any advice or past experiences will be a huge help. I left my ex half way through my pregnancy, and had to get a protection order within a couple weeks due to the ongoing text and calls that we're very harassing. He is a very controlling and manipulative person. I got a letter in the mail that suggests he has basically started the legal process for contact.

What would a realistic result be here? Would the let him see bub on weekends? How much will the protection order and how he ticks all the emotionally abusive boxes effect whether or not he can see her?

Thanks everyone, just worried about my daughter ;(
It's a tough situation, but agree its best to seek legal advice. You can contact legal aid as a first point of call, even if not eligble for their services they can provide information and possibly referals to appropriate family lawyers in your area I've had a few sessions with them just to get started and also some courts have domestic violence liaison officers who can assist and provide support and information. Take care.
I can't help with the protection order.

But in terms of access this is the experience of someone in my family.

They split while she was pregnant. Originally he wanted access and 50% time as in 3 days a week. So they went through mediation, the step before court. .
It was worked out that he would see the baby starting from 2 hours a day 3 times a week. Slowly increasing over time with the first overnight stay when the child was 2 years old. So for them its a long process. Baby was 6 months old when he was allowed to take the baby away from her home and to his house for fours three times a week.
But since this was arranged he now on longer thinks living 50% with each parent is the best for a child so he now sees the child every other weekend.

They both still had lawyers for the whole process.
sorry for ur situation, just a little advice:

I have a protection order in place and this has ruled over all in my situation. either way a protection order does not look good for them.
I seeked legal advice and they were great and really helpful.

good luck with everything. I am watching my aunty go through this at the moment and its not a nice journey if it turns nasty so get the best advice possible!!! =)
Thanks for the helpful words everyone! It just really sucks, thought I would have atleast a little more happy free time, before any more drama started. Poor bub has endured enough through my pregnancy when I left sad

I will start making some calls and getting things organised early next week.

Rebecca would you mind if I sent you a private message about your experience?
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