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My partner and I have been together for over 7 years and we have a DS2 and DS6 months. For the past few months I've been feeling quite unhappy about our relationship and come to the realization we actually don't have a lot in common and I have fallen out of love with him.

He is a great dad however doesn't respect the hard work I put in re routines which amongst a lot of things really annoys me. We have had a few big fights lately and I cant help but think we would be better off going our own ways.

The problem is we own a house which I would want to stay in because it's the boys home and it's what they know and feel safe. He said this morning that the only reason he's with me is purely financial, which sums it up. So I'm just unsure how I get him to leave.

I do want him to have access to the boys and would never want to deny him of that, but financially I don't know how I would cope?

Does anyone have any good advice??
Could you consider going to see a marriage counselor?
I know that's no what you are asking, but it's a massive step to split up.
single parent benefit isn't much, unless your husband feels generous to top it up.

Im going to have to agree with wageha... I know all the little things add up but his non appreciation is something that can be worked on. Love can be rekindled via a good dose of communication.
Separation is a big deal especially to someone who you've built a life with.
The best of luck smile

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