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Did your father give you away? Lock Rss

When I got married I let my father give me away despite the fact I wanted to walk down the aisle by myself. But because of my parents financial contribution to our wedding I let him. It's the only thing about the day that I feel I should have changed.
When you got married did you follow this tradition?
Yes, but we didn't see it as him "giving me away" but giving his blessing to our marriage. I couldn't think of having it any other way, my dad was walked by me through my life thick and thin, to walk with him and have him gain my DH at the end of our walk, was just so very special to us.

Why didn't you want him to walk you down the aisle?

I saw it more as I'm not his property to be given away, I've always tried to be independant, plus not a great relationship with my Dad.
Just wanted to know other peoples thoughts.
We didn't have any family members at our wedding, so no. I walked with my hubby to be. smile
Yes Dad walked me down the aisle and I wouldn't have had it any other way smile

no I got out of the car and my DH was waiting for me half way smile
My SIL had both her mum and dad give her away which i thought was really nice, they walked one either side of her. My dad is dead but if I were married I would have liked him to give me away.
My husband to be and I walked down the aisle together smile
We already lived together and saw marriage as another step in our lives together so saw no reason to start off separately smile
DH also helped me to get dressed - man I love that guy!!! smile

Yep, my Dad gave me away, I wanted my mum and dad to both walk me down the aisle but dad wasn't having it lol. I love my dad to bits and love looking back at the photos so I certainly wouldn't change it smile
My wedding was reasonably traditional but we also had little quirks that made it 'ours'.

My father walked me down the isle but we had "who brings this couple to be married" and then my parents and DH's parents all stood up and said 'we do'. While mum and DH's parents then sat down, Dad swapped positions with the student pastor from our church who had officiated up to this part of the ceremony and Dad performed the rest of the wedding service smile . He was an ordained pastor so all legal etc but it just made it that bit more special for me that he was able to walk me down the isle AND still carry out the wedding ceremony.

The pre-marriage counselling had some interesting moments since that was also done with my dad tongue but all in all I'm glad it worked out the way it did.

Yes! Have a wonderful relationship with my parents so couldn't imagine him not. I kind of liked the idea of having both my mum and dad walk me down the aisle but mum didn't want to so mum and my MIL signed the register.

He walked me down the aisle but I refused to be given away as I am not property.

I also had my brother as one of my bridesmaids smile

Aka G&L smile

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