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I think my partner is emotionally cheating Lock Rss

HappyHead wrote:
You have every right to be upset about this and to confront him, if you are worried about his reaction think of it this way, he is in the wrong, of course he'll be defensive and make out like you are over reacting. If you want to go along with that fine, if you want him to treat you like this then you can just say nothing and put up with it.

People treat you how you let them, if the shoe were on the other foot he wouldnt be happy about it either. If he is not prepared to cut contact and apologise for his behaviour then I'd be kicking his ass to the kerb.

If he's going to make you feel bad about his bad behaviour then that says it all for me, what a wanker and he clearly doesnt care about you.

+1 you said what I wanted to say but couldn't seem to word it
I'm sorry but what he's doing is not cool, I go on my husbands phone, ipad what ever I want when ever I want and he does the same I'm playing on his ipad right now I use his facebook when I can't be bothered logging onto mine and neither of us thinks twice or even cares because there is nothing for either of us to hide. The fact that he sees her without telling you is shady. I have been with my husband for 9 years now I'm only 23 but I believe our marriage works because we are honest with each other If I thought my husband was cheating I would ask him straight up I would also ask him why he feels the need to tell some girl about our problems and why he's calling her dear, no matter what stand your ground because you are not in the wrong here and yes you checked his messages but it lucky you did otherwise you wouldn't have known any of this, I don't even know you but I hope you are ok a new born baby is enough to worry about without having to wonder what your bf Is getting up too.
I am sorry to hear you are having this experience especially with such a young baby. You call it emotionally cheating... I would be suspecting something else is going on much worse than emotional. I don't want to point accusations or anything I do feel sorry for you in this situation.
Here's a suggestion on how to talk about it. Maybe just have a chat to him say "look can we sit down and discuss a few things, since having the baby things have changed for both of us, this is a really knew experience for us both.." and then from there ask him how he feels the relationship is going, how having this new wonderful baby is improving the relationship or maybe causing complications in the relationship. Try not to mention the cheating straight away I think by just discussing how each other feels he might hint or open up about it saying maybe you two aren't spending alot of time together etc. I hope it helps..
This has happened to me in the past and Im sorry that you are going through this with such a young baby. I'm not sure if I dealt with it the right way. I also read text messages and ended up confronting the ''other woman'' I basically told her contact was inappropriate and that she needs to leave my partner and OUR family alone. Get her own. I then confronted my partner and he HATED me going through his private messages and phone, we did go through a really hard time afterwards fighting etc. HOWEVER we recovered after that. Basically something was wrong in our relationship BEFORE he turned away from it. Turning to someone else is turning away from us. We were sick, our relationship needed mending. Thankfully he didn't go any further than text messages etc. However I do believe if I just let it go on, AND not communicate, focus on our relationship and figure out what was wrong with us, then it would have gone further. I do believe any kind of cheating is because something needs fixing, and that cannot be done if we don't communicate with our partners. Its worth it, especially with children. My partner now knows that I will not stand back and let things like this happen. Its not ok and if he does it again, breaks our love rules, then he can leave.

Renae, WA

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