ErinBoxtel wrote:
I'm so glad to hear you both had a good chat and got things in the open. You mentioned your parents were paying for the wedding - perhaps he wasn't keen on this, feeling like he was given a handout or couldn't financially support his new family? And what triggered may have been realising the cost involved. Most men don't take marriage lightly so I doubt he would propose if he didn't love you and want to be with you. Is this his first child also? Perhaps he's feeling all kinds of emotions and anxiousness just as you are.

Honestly glad it's in the open And hope things continue going well for you smile

Yeah he mentioned he would rather save and pay for it himself (he is really stubborn and doesn't like help) so I know thats another factor also, yes.its our 1st child smile I'm willing to wait 3 years maximum and he has agreed On the time limit too, we are gradually going to save/buy things to put away for the wedding, I know he is 100% committed to our family and I and for now thats all I need to know t have many friends or people I trust smile