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Just don't know Lock Rss

Hi all, my partner n I have a 16 month old we are currently living with my dad who stays out of our way as much as possible, hubby started a new job nearly 1 year ago which is when the problems started but he won't admit that it's everyone else not him, he told me he wanted to leave me 3 days in a row and the other day he said it again and I said if that's your choice you do that after some very hurtful things, he hasn't shown much care for our little one but how he wants to take her there n everywhere but she doesn't like to leave my side, I don't know what to do I'm just upset, confused and unsure of what to do, all he is worried about is getting his money from our house that we are selling
Sorry about it being soo long an like a rant but just needed somewhere or someone to turn to
Thanks all
it really sounds like you need to see a lawyer and discuss your rights as a parent and your entitlements when the house settles.

To me it sounds like he is planning on ending the relationship but is hanging on until the sale of the house goes through and then will end it.
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