I've been with my husband for close to 5 years now and his sister is pretty much my best friend. I have 2 children which she adored and she just had her first child.
I used to see her atleast twice a week now i have only seen her twice in the last month since having her child and spoken briefly through text and everything has changed.
I fully expected our relationship to be different but hubby and i are getting the cold shoulder big time and we have not done anything.
We saw her baby the day after it was born, we were there for about 20 minutes and she seemed so pissed off we left because it was uncomfortable to be there.. I messaged her the next week and asked to see the baby and she said no... She was busy. Everyone on her partners side and her family has seen the baby multiple times during the month and we haven't been able to except on the w/e only because we got together for a birthday.
Again we felt incredibly uncomfortable with her attitude towards us and even her husband just in a generally bad mood.
I tried talking to her throughout the day but conversation would go nowhere.. I feel like we have done something horribly wrong but we havent been around to actually do something? I asked if everything was ok with us and she said "its fine, why wouldnt it be?"
I'm actually heart broken she is treating us like this.. I've confided in her and told her alot of personal things and she has done the same.. I promised to have her back and help her out now we dont feel welcome and cant even text or call without feeling weird.
just need to vent
sad Anyone else ever had this happen? Any advice?