Starting to really get a dislike towards my mother in law, it’s to the point I am starting to not want to be around my inlaws. She acts like a spoilt child when it comes to my children, they have a very close relationship with my mum and you can see that MIL is jealous about that (my mum has the kids while im at work and MIL keeps telling hubby that the kids should be in daycare). She won’t make the time to come visit the children but complains she never gets to see them. Hubby works away and I’m not big on having visitors so a few years ago after having the inlaws turn up at random times during the day (walking in without knocking and wake sleeping kids up) I asked that they call before they come around, well that upset them because they feel that they shouldn’t have to call. We have a 5 month old and she has seen him 3 times in his life and she lives in the same town. The times she did visit she phoned and asked if she could come and see the baby now this really p@$$ed me off because we have 2 kids and all she was concerned about was seeing the baby. The whole time she was visiting she looked unhappy because my 3 yr old daughter kept making her play with her instead of nurse the baby. I don’t like people nursing my baby ( and she is one of them people that will sit for hours holding them) I would rather people play or talk to him without nursing him and She won’t respect that so now I’m worried she will just visit the kids while hubby is home and I’m at work so she can do what she wants. Sorry for the long rant I just need to get it off my chest even though I probably sound like a complaining a-hole????