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Huggies Bookclub - Book Reviews


The Huggies Bookclub Lock

At the Huggies Bookclub you will finds lots of great books on pregnancy, babies, parenting, art a...

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I have 2 boys aged 3 and 5, and I brought the book. It is wonderful. It points out developmental milestones, behavioural traits etc...


What is the GST rates for Huggies ? Lock

i am also getting the baby girl and i am using the Huggies for my baby. It is given very comforta...

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Read anything good lately? Lock

Let us know!

2 replies

Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts amazing book about India, recommend!


What are your top 3 pregnancy books? Lock

Tell us what you are reading!

1 reply

Hello moderator Here are some of the good pregnancy books that my wife me told me about Pregnancy: The Mothers' Answer Book Th...


Any young mums in launceston Lock

Hay I am a mum to a lovely 8 month old lil boy and I am having trouble making friends is there an...

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Hi, I'm 22 and a new mum. My daughter is 1 month old.


J.K Rowling - The Cuckoo's Calling Lock

Anyone checked this out yet?

1 reply

No! Have you? Is it worth a read?

The secret lives of Emma books Lock

Haha yes!! I only just finished reading the 2nd one a few weeks ago! I had no idea it was a seri...

8 replies

*mummsy* wrote: yep he sure is a guy! Well thats what sparked my interest was the article in the Sunday Mail! Then I googled it an...

What are your fave books? Lock

Depends on what you fancy. I like sophie kinsella and melanie la boory for romantic comedy type ...

12 replies

I'm reading Jodi Piccoults 'The Storyteller' at the moment. Damn she can suck you into her books! My favourite are t...


Best baby books! Lock

what baby books do you think is a must have on any mothers shelf? why?

5 replies

"Wombat Stew", Great book...the illustrations are marvelous and the ending is a hoot.

What you dont expect to happen *pic removed* Lock

I was going to ask how you went! I always get quite swollen after having teeth removed, and afte...

6 replies

You're supposed to take those cotton things out after


Huggies codes....... where are they on the web site? Lock

Hi there, i am new to this forum, and was wondering where one would find the area where you put i...

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Dress up help Lock

DD has a medievil night at school next tuesday as the shcool has been learning about medievil Eng...

4 replies

Skubala wrote: I like the Princess idea. We had a medievel festival in year 8. My mum sent me in an old khaki green pillow slip type...


Huggies Book club security certificate Lock

When I tried to login into my account with huggies book club a security certificate warning was d...

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BLW Lock

just ordered the baby led weaning cookbook. has any1 else used it?? i soooo cannot wait till it ...

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oh cool. i ordered the cook book as im not very creative in the kitchen lol. and it tells ya how to get started.


True Blood Lock

On foxtel there is a show called True Blood. The show is from a series of books (12 to the serie...

10 replies

On foxtel there is a show called True Blood. The show is from a series of books (12 to the series i believe) you can buy them from...

Books online or in store Lock

Hi guys, Was wondering what the best way to buy books these days is? Do you find you get a better...

4 replies is also very good


A great way to buy books Lock

I think a love of reading is the best gift you can give to little people. To share my passion of ...

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Tooth fairy book recommendations Lock

Hi, As the title suggests, I am looking for a picture books that tells the story of the tooth fai...

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The Memory Keeper's Daughter Lock

THIS IS A FANTASTIC BOOK. It's set in about the 60's and is about a doctor who's wife goes int...

6 replies

I have read this one as well and I would recommend it


Mem Fox Does it Again Lock

Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes is a delightful book for littlies. It gives me the warm a...

5 replies

I love this book as well. I always buy it for anyone having a baby as I think its a beautiful book and makes a lovely gift. I don't ...


Book suggestion ! The Bigbies by Tommy Sorrow Lock

My Book Suggestion of the Week, the Bigbies by Tommy Sorrow Shhhh ! Don’t tell anyone I’ve cheat...

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Books of Rascals Lock

Has anyone bought this set of books for 36-60 month year olds? Thinking of getting them for my 3...

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new baby book needed Lock

Hi, I am having #2 in May this year and we already have a 18 month old DS - I would like to get ...

1 reply

We had "theres a house in Mummys tummy" just finished it 4 weeks ago when we finally had the "house" DS loved the story and he reall...

Potty Training in One Week by Gina Ford Lock

Has anyone read this book? what did you think of it? I was thinking of buying it from Huggies boo...

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BellyBummy's Mummy

Save Our Sleep Lock

Hey, Got this book today - LOVE IT!! Wish I had got it before bubs was born. I've learnt so much...

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I haven't read the book at all but would love to know why crying is ok when it introduces unhappy hormones into your baby.... why do...


Buddhism for Mothers Lock

Hi, just wondering if anyone can let me know what they thought of Buddhism for Mothers. Also has...

1 reply

Do you think you need to read the first book to understand / benefit from the 2nd? thanks I hope not as I only have the 2nd one....

Francine Rivers Lock

For anyone out there who loves to read fiction....Francine Rivers books are AMAZING!! I especial...

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Sleep issues in toddlers? any books? Lock

Can anyone reccomend a good book regarding issues with toddlers? Specifically sleep issues/ seper...

5 replies

another one is "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" by Dr Marc Weissbluth, explains the 'science' of sleep and addresses sleep issues...


How to Raise an Amazing Child Tim Seldin (Montessori) Lock

I was wondering if anyone has bought this book, if so what are your thoughts on it. I have an 18...

1 reply

I was wondering if anyone has bought this book, if so what are your thoughts on it. I have an 18mth old DS who is craving to learn...


What are some GOOD true stories?? Lock

The title pretty much says it all! I am a sucker for true stories about anything, crime, love, be...

6 replies

I have read so many!! The book that initially got me really into reading and especially reading true stories was a book that i read...


Need Books Lock

hey guys. im am a huge reader. esp atm with being preggers with my second books are like my comf...

4 replies

I'm a BIG fantasy reader so love things by Raymond E Feist, David Eddings. I also quite like Terry Prattchet(sp?) too. Other than t...


vampire academy Lock

anyone else read / reading this series?? it is awesome!! waiting on the 4th book which was relea...

6 replies

oh wicked was looking for some fedback on the vampire academy. i have read all the sookie stackhouse books and im more a sookie fan...


Baby Wise Books Lock

Hi, Just wondering if anyone has the collection of babywise books by Gary Ezzo for sale/give away...

1 reply

Hi, you can buy them through Koorong or Word bookstores. Have a look online. Most Christian bookstores should sell them.


Recommendation for book on sleep / eat routine Lock

Hi everyone Just wanted to share with you a book which I have been using as a guide to develop s...

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any interesting books? Lock

just looking to find something interesting to read, dont like murder mystries/detective stories ...

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Perhaps you might like something by Jodi Picoult. I've read nearly all her books. They're sorta like real life drama stories. My f...



Haha Feral's last post gave me an idea! It just had to be done! this way we're not taking up the ...

147 replies

I love some of the ff u ladies have written, broken and BDU are great. Congrats ladies. Thanks for the recommendations also!!!


A few questions for you Twilight fans Lock

I haven't read the books but Dh and I really liked the movies. Can someone answer some questions...

1 reply

ok I'll spoil it for (I only read the books last week) in the most simple way. with Edward in the 4th and final book, nope,...


Favourite Pregnancy/Birthing Books Lock

Hi everyone! I am interested to know if anyone has a favourite pregnancy or birthing book that th...

2 replies

Hi I agree Baby love is great, I like Kaz Cookes Up the Duff too but think that some of the topics come across VERY opinionated.

Slow cookers recipe books Lock

Hi girls, Can anyone recommend a good recipe book for slow cookers. Ta. [Edited on 30/07/2009]

1 reply

I have this: Kitchen Classics Slow Cookers by Jane Rice. I find it has some lovely recipes that are very easy.


Literacy book forwarding thingy Lock

Hi, Not sure if anyone is interested but I've been given a kinda chain letter for kids books. Y...

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