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This is an excellent book on teaching your child to sleep through the night. I was able to get my daughter to sleep between 7-10 hours a night from 6 weeks old and strongly recommend this book!!!
Hey there, What is the general idea of the book? I have tried many different things with my eldest two and they are not too bad now but my youngest is now 6mnts and i wanted some new ideas
this is a verycontroversial book (both author and techniques). Many book stores wont stock it as many paeds consider his techniques harmful

The author is a christian minister without any medical training/qualifications........

There are lots of less hardcore books out there outlining sleep routines without the controversy smile


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

This book also came highly recommended to me. It was brilliant...take everything with a grain of salt (meaning remain flexible) as every child is different, but this was a clear guide of what to expect. My daughter started sleeping through a 10 weeks and has slept and fed well from the word go. This is the only book I read in preparing. I ran it past my mum as I was reading and she said it sounded like all alot of what she was advised by health staff when raising me. I liked it cause it was a common sense approach. Would be interested to know what parts of the book are supposed to be harmful...

kellie QLD and baby girl

I think a lot of what people are/were against with is that several babies had been admitted to hosp with malnutrtition after following his guidelines, also that its a "christian" book so probably that gets a lot of peoples backs up???

rountines arent for everyone some babies just click with it from day one. My baby was always good like that. Funny now he's almost two its now he's driving me up the wall.

Steph smile

Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

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