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As we have worked out, the bookclub the site is promoting is for kids titles, which is great but sometimes we need to feel like adults and read our own books.

Just wondering if anyone would be interested in starting an online Big Kids Bookclub? (BKB)

We could all nominate and vote on a book, and then have a discussion on it after about 4-6 weeks. If some of us have MSN messenger, we could also set up a date time and all have real time chat about the book we chose.

What do you think? Any takers?

If we get over 3 I'm sure it could be some fun.

Jo, Sydney mama of 2 boys

Book me in! I love reading and discussing the books I've read. It's been a while since I've had time (can't imagine why) so it will be good to feel "grown-up" agian.

I like the MSN idea too.
Hi there
Just wondering if you are still doing the book club fo big kids. Would love to get involved.

Leila, VIC, 2yrs 5 months Toddler Boy

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