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The Host - same author who write Twilight Lock Rss

Anybody read it? What did you think?
I'm about half way through it and I'm liking it!

First of all....LMAO off at your sig! I love it!

Second, I have the book but haven't cracked it open slightly distracted with my own twilight zone,lol.

Glad to hear it is a good read though! Will join in with any discussion whenever I get around to reading it.
[Edited on 24/06/2009]
Thanks Dee I like my sig too grin

I thought you had been really quiet on general lately and I came into this area and find out you've been writing fan fiction! As soon as I have finished The Host I will read your stories.

The Host has the same flavour as Twilight but instead of being about vampires it's about aliens. The main character Wanda/Mel reminds me of Bella in a lot of ways.

Yeah my trips into general have been brief lately.

I read the blurb of The Host and it sounded good. A website I buy off had it on special one day, so I bought to read it,lol.

lol I only have one story and it's only 5 chapters long atm (hopefully 6 by the weekend)
Well I have finished The Host now and I really, really enjoyed it! I would go so far as to say that I enjoyed it more than Twilight - BUT when I read Twilight I had already seen the movie and new what was going to happen whereas The Host was a complete surprise.

So c'mon peoples! Read The Host so I've got someone to talk to about it!!

I've been wanting to read that book but didn't know what it would be like. I'll finish New Moon first, yes reading twilight again.

Love your sig! We seen the movie last night. Great movie!
hey Wendy! You should definately read the Host. It takes a few pages to get into it, but once you are into it, it's very enjoyable. As I said in the above post, the main character reminds me of Bella in a lot of ways (very self-sacraficing to the point it makes you want to hurl LOL).

Hey 2 Sweetpeas! I think I'll add it to my book wishlist.
have you started reading it yet Wendy?

Hey! I've starting reading the first couple of papers lol! Your right, its taking a bit to get into it.
i've had it for a few months but just started reading it last night, i'm liking it soo far

if you guys can just get into it a few chapters you will like it!! promise!

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