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Baby Love by Robin Barker Lock Rss

I had heard great reviews about this book, suggesting that a must for first time mothers, and had to get it. I have only read half way thru, Im due August 5th, so hopefully I have finished before then, but so far have found this very informative. The book goes thru from birth to 12 months, everything from the equipment, shape of the babies head to breast feeding to the noises a new born baby makes. It is an Australian author and refers to things in Australia which is good.
I found this was a fabulous book. I borrowed it from a friend but deffinately would have liked to have read it before I had my baby.
I found it was a very practical yet heart felt approach to motherhood.
I particularily liked the sections on grandparents and teething.
A fantastic reference book, Baby love has helped me heaps. I live in a remote area and found all the answers I needed from this book. Even when I consulted Health professionals, then checked the book, the advice was the same. I love the fact that it's Australian and would recommend it to any first time Mum.

Kerrie, Nth WA, Mum of ERIC JOAL

I was lucky enough to win both 'Baby Love' and 'The Mighty Toddler' in a competition when I was expecting my first baby. I read 'Baby Love' cover to cover before giving birth, and especially the sections dealing with the first few months. I think it really helped in those initial days, as when something happened, I found I already knew what to do as I recalled the advice from the book (or at least remembered there was something in the book about it)!

As someone else said, not all babies are the same, but I have found that Robin Barker is very clever at not "prescribing" a particular parenting technique - she goes through all the options, their pros and cons, and leaves the ultimate parenting decision to you.

I give this book as a gift to friends expecting their first, several months before the baby is due. Much better value at 3am than a cute hat!
Robin Barker is a Saint. I read Babylove before giving birth and I am still referring to it all the time with my 8mth old.
Another must is 'Baby & Toddler Meals'Byr R.B. Babylove has some ofthis information, but it is more detailed and gives alot more recipies than you will find in Babylove.
I have not got "The Mighty Toddler"Yet but I won't be far off it.
Yes, this book is wonderful!

It is full of so much information - and it is pretty much everything you will need.

The thing I loved most about it is the fact that she has such a non-judgemental attitude. She just states facts, and suggests things that you might like to try, different theories, etc, but says it's ok to pick & chose between all the theories, and to decide for yourself what works for you & your baby. I think this type of attitude is so much more helpful for a new mum than all of the books with strict regimes, and books that claim to have all the answers or make you feel that there is something wrong with your baby if he or she is not fitting into the pattern stated in that particular book.

I always recommend this book to all my friends who are having babies.
I bought this book also,before my son was born and I always looked thru it for information, it put my mind at ease alot, Robin Barker has also written another book following baby love, called toddler years or something like that, I want to get that one as my DS has just turned one.

I got recommended this book when I was pregnant but told not to read front to back only use as a reference, which I did. I have found it extremely useful and resourceful until I got to the bit about teething not causing any dramas.... There seem to be very few children that get through teething without any kind of pain etc. But I guess every bubs different and perhaps she had great teethers...

I have a 2 year old now!!

Agood friend of mine gave me this book when my son was born.
It was a fantastic help.
I couldnt have gotten by without it.
It answers the question that you always want to know.

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