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Best baby books! Rss

what baby books do you think is a must have on any mothers shelf? why?
Where is the Green Sheep?
Awesome for learning colours, opposites, and the sort.

Wombat Stew
I loved this. It's an awesome Aussie book. It's got a rhyme/song to it, so you can sing it together! I adored it growing up!

Oh man. I'm trying to remember the books I loved as a wee tot.
i absolutely loved as a child and read to my ds now, is "Possum Magic" by Mem Fox:)
i just love how Australian it is, its simple yet capturing illustrations and how its almost written as a rhyme.

i think another handy yet practical book to have on any mothers book shelf, is "Birth. conceiving, nurturing and giving birth to your baby" by Cathrine price and Sandra Robinson.
during my pregnancy and after i read quite a few books on it all. im sure im not the only one who did;)and this book had a clear and concise way of explaining what to expect and supported western medicine and alternative medicine, which other books did not. im sure there are a few more.. smile
beatrix potter because i loved them as a kid.
"Love You Forever" By Robert Munsch
I read it to my DS at least twice a week.
Such a Mother & Child book. So beautiful.

Any "Toy Story" book...
Because they are awesome

"4 Ingredients"
Nothing like a quick tasty meal

Annabell Karmel's "New Complete Baby & Toddler Meal Planner"
Awesome baby food ideas.

Well they are my favs. smile
"Wombat Stew",
Great book...the illustrations are marvelous and the ending is a hoot.
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