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Books for explaining to a toddler that Mummy is having a baby Rss

I have been reading to Lachlan "There's a House inside my Mummy" by Giles Andreae and Vanessa Cabban. He loves the book and it has helped him to understand that he is getting a baby brother or sister and why my tummy is so big!

We read one called Full House by Nigel Gray and Bob Graham. Its a lift the flap book which amuses most toddlers. And the ending will amuse most mums with the line "She was fat when she went in but she came out thin" hmmmmm!

Amy, mum of 2y.o. and 2 month old

I found that many books were too involved or involved concepts that my daughter was not old enough to understand. For younger children (under 2 years):

Za-Za's Baby Brother - Lucy Cousins (author of the Maisy series). My daughter loved this one. It has beautiful pictures and gently explains to the toddler how life will change after the baby comes - but ends on a positive note when Za-Za discovers he can entertain himself by amusing the baby.

New Baby - Marie Birkinshaw (Ladybird). A very simple picture book showing the little boy being involved in each scene (getting ready for the baby, at the hospital, feeding the baby etc) and finally having some of his own time with his mother.

Both books show the father's participation in the baby's routine and there is a gorgeous picture of the mother discreetly breastfeeding the baby while the boy gives his teddy a bottle in the second book.
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