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Annabel Karme's 100 purees for baby Lock Rss

HI Everyone

Can anyone recommend this book? I expect their is only so many ways to make slop, but my culinary experience would like them to be rather creative even if my son wants plain old pumpkin.

Any feedback would be appreciated.


Kath, WA, Rowan 24/11/06

Hi Kath
I havent read this book but have found some good tips on puree's in Robin Barkers book Australian Baby and Toddler meals which has stuff in it for all age groups and family frindly stuff that everyone can eat. In my experience, I cannot imagine why you would need a whole book dedicated to puree's. Basically any fruit or vegie can be pureed. You can make up the combinations as you go and see what your baby likes, and enjoy the faces he/she pulls along the way!


Amy, mum of 2y.o. and 2 month old

Thanks MissScarlett

I think I will wait a while before buying any books on the subject. I recieved a good recomendation for Robin Barkers book on baby and toddler food. I am really happy with her Babylove book so hopefully can't go too wrong.


Kath, WA, Rowan 24/11/06

I am hopeless in the kitchen - so Ive used Robin Barker's baby and toddler meals and think its fabulous! Robin Barker's book met my needs and goes beyond just making puree which is very valuable especially since babies just grow ever so quickly!

Maria, NSW

I have this book, but as I am just starting out feeding Freddie, I cant say as ive used the recipes.. i have read it and find there are a lot of extra additives like butter, and quite a few with various herbs etc.. I do like that the recipes are arranged in age, so each month or so you can try from the next section up... i will be trying recipes from the book shortly.

Karen & Freddie (24.12.05) & Eliya (9.10.07)

hey there! i have found the book fantastic and have a really pathetic culinary ability. my boy have devoured every recipe i have plundered through and what is great is it give you indication to the ones you can freeze after making a bulk lot (so you dont have to prepare every night!)

jamie, vic, 10months

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