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Vacation away without 10 month old Lock Rss

My husband and I are thinking of going on holidays for 4 nights to a wedding in palm cove without our 10 month old son. We just travelled with him to perth for ten days and ran into a few problems so were thinking of leaving him this time. But I am really worried about leaving him for the 4 nights and whether he will know that we have gone and resent us when we do get back. He is really good with his nanny who will be looking after him at our house but I don't want him to be affected by us leaving him for 4 days. It would be easier to leave him if he could understand that mum and dad are leaving but will be back!

Has anyone left their baby for this long at this age and how did your baby handle it?

I travel a bit for work as the main breadwinner. So I have some experience with this.

To be honest, I have left for extended periods (more than a week) a few times since DS was 7 months old. Bottom line, waaaayyyy harder on me than him! I did leave him with DH each time and again, waaayyyy harder on DH than me (LOL).

We have left DS for a weekend for a wedding when he was 6 months old. He loves it at his grandparents (land of do whatever you want) so probably glad to see the back of the NO people.

If you have a good carer for your son who you trust and he likes, I would say go, and try and enjoy yourself despite the umbilical cord tugging.

What problems did you have when you travelled with him last time? Is it just a case of being prepared for those things this time?

My DH and I went away for a week when DS was around 10-12months old. He stayed with his grandparents. From what MIL said when we got back he did ask about us on the 2nd or 3rd day but he wasn't distressed at all.

When we came home it took him a little while to really notice we were back (about an hour) but after that it was as if we'd never been away. He was a little bit clingy in the days following but was back to his old self within a week.

We're about to go away for 4 days next weekend and the kids are staying with MIL again. This is the first time I'll have been away from DD (15 months) for more than one night but I expect she's going to handle it as well as her brother did.

Karen, DS1 31/8/03, DD 12/3/07, DS2 16/12/09

My husband and I left when the child was 1.5 years old. We left him with mom for 10 days, mom was delighted. Most of all I was worried, but everything went off with a bang. Moreover, it turned out that my mother was called to work for half a day, and for a week all the relatives looked after my daughter, for which we are very grateful. I was informed about this when I arrived. The child was pleased with such a variety...
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