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Going to Sweden in July....HELP!! Lock Rss

We are going to sweden in july for my SIL wedding and im already stressing about the whole trip! Bella will be 2 by then. Just wondering if anyone has any tips about toddlers on international flights, it will be approx 25 hours travel time on the plane with 1 or 2 stops. How do you keep bubs happy for that long on a plane. Do the planes have special areas for toddlers to sit/sleep, or do they get their own seat? Not sure what to take or your allowed onboard as in milk, nappies, wipes??? I have no idea and im getting headaches just thinking about it now!
I know its a little early but im a little on the really organised side of things!

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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The only thing i can say ... ring up the airline when you book. Go on their website sometime they have a section there which explains that. Different airlines have different rules

Im not sure about activities tho as my little girl is only 7.5 months

I just went on the qantas website for you and typed babies into their search bar heres the link hope it helps

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Hi Isabells'a mum,
Do you have to pay for your daughter? If so she should get her own seat. I don't have any tips for you I'm sorry as we haven't had an o/s trip since having Lochie (only interstate). I just wanted to say how envious I am of you going to Sweden. I hope to get there one day to meet a girl I have been writing to for 20 years! We both have kids so I know it will probably be a little while before we finally meet in person. Where in Sweden will you be going to?

My babies are all grown up sad


Thanx for the ideas I need as much as I can get!
Not sure if we have to pay for isabella yet, I have to speak to a travel agent bout that.

We will be staying in Norrkoping most of the time but will be going to Sodertelja, Stockholm and Gotenberg to visit other family.

Thanx again...and if you think of anything else please let me know!

nsw...5 1/2 month old boy....4yr old girl

Hi Isabella's mum, I stayed in Sweden for a few months a few years ago. It is a beautiful country, hope you have fun, I would love to go again. The people there are very different to here though, it was hard for me to get used to them at first. They are very upfront, but in a good way. Enjoy!

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I read somewhere about a mum who let her little one stick stickers everywhere and according to the story, it kept her amused for an hours.

You can take whatever you need out of the country (baby things that is) but on my flight back from Bali, they said they couldn't heat her bottle - yeah right - so we are off to Hawaii in November and will take a thermos of steaming hot water (which we did recently and the water in the thermos was still hot some 30 hours later!). I also thought about taking a contour pillow to encourage her to sleep on the floor (laying on the whole pillow) so she wasn't on our laps the entire trip.

I don't envy you and the pressures of flying with a little one. Miss Mia will be 22 mths when we fly in November!

Let us know how you travel and any tips you might come across. Enjoy your holiday!

Hi Isabella's mum

Have been to Sweeden in 2004 in November, it was sooo pretty (and pretty cold too) with the snow and all. At least you will be there in their summer and many daylight hours though your little one may be a tad confused regarding sleeping with so much sunlight around!

IT is a beautiful country and the people are wonderful; they all seemed to look the same to me, like the Danish, with their height and facial structure.

If you can, make sure you see the tourist attraction called the VASA which is a ship they pulled out of the water ages ago.

Enjoy your trip,

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