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Hello all,

My folks are currently based over in the Philippines, and they have been asking us for ages if we would come over and visit them.

We were all set to travel over there with our now 14 month old, until we discovered that we were 20 weeks along btw!

My question is has anyone travelled to the Philippines or nearby asian countries with a small child and/or pregnant? I'm a little worried as I haven't had all my vaccinations, and being pregnant am not able to get any for now. Also, about how my DS would go in that respect?

Thanks for reading my post, and any responses would be great smile
Hi Jillaroo1, congrats on your pregnancy news !

My partner and I were planning on going to the Philippines at the end of the year for christmas as some of my family also live there (grandparents, aunts, uncles etc) I was born there and the last time i visted was in 1999.
We were looking forward to planning the trip then i found out i am pregnant, which was an awesome surprise as it's our first and due in feb.
We have now flagged the idea of travelling there until after the baby is born, the climate is so much different to where i live (new zealand) so I think that it would be hard to adjust to the heat & humidity whilst pregnant, just my opinion though.

My mum travelled to the philippines with my sister when she was about a year old, and when my mum had my little brother (now 10) she flew my grandparents over from the philippines to visit.

All the best smile
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