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how to get over the time difference??? Lock Rss

Hi mums, I still remember the first oversea trip with Raymond when he was 9mths old. It was to Hong Kong for a week. The food was great and not to mention the shopping! BUT we almost have no sleep. DS will go to bed at 7pm AU time, with 3 hour time difference, he will sleep at 4pm HK time. Which is great, we can go shopping, "dinner for two" with DS sleeping in his pram and shops open till 10 at least! Since we were there, why should we waste any night! But.... thinking of DS waking at 7am AU time, which means he wakes at 4am HK time! Everyday, no matter what we tried, he won't go back to sleep. He want his breakfast, play, and even a walk!

The only thing I could remember from the trip is carrying DS every morning in the hotel lobby at 4am! (so hubby can catch some sleep)

We are planning a trip to the US this year, now with Raymond 3yr and Ryan 9mths then, we are afraid history will repeat itself, which is rather scary because there's a 10hr time difference this time ....

Any suggestion will be great! I am dying for a holiday.....

Selina; Raymond 3yr, Ryan 4mths

Selina; Raymond 1/2/03, Ryan 28/12/05

Hi Selina,

We did the US trip in Sept/Oct last year. Lachie was 19months old. I allowed 3 days of 'nothing' time to help Lachie adjust to the time difference. I was lucky as part of it was DH business trip so it was while he was working. Lachie and I based ourselves at the hotel and swam in the pool. I familiarised myself with the supermarket and watched lots of US TV. After the 3 days Lachie had adjusted to the time which was great. I think if we were to do it again (without the business trip) I would still allocated a few days of 'nothing' time. It will give you and your partner a chance to unwind before starting the shopping and sightseeing.

Oh, re nappies in the US. I took great trouble to have Lachies weighted converted from kilos to pounds only to discover that Pampers (which I thought were the best) show the weight in both pounds and kilos. Also, when you ask for a port-a-cot they don't understand what you mean. They call it crib and there is another name. When I remember it I will post again.

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