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Hi guys,

I'm from Sydney traveling to cairns for a holiday with the hubby and a 7 1/2 month old! We are from Sydney so the plane trip will probably take 3 hours. (flying business class)
My DS is bottle fed every 4 hours and on solids an hour after each bottle.

Wondering what others bring for the trip there and also back?? Also transfers to the hotel from the airport (did you catch a taxi with a car seat or just a shuttle bus?)

This may sound silly but can you change a babies nappy on the plane? And how do you heat up bottles/solids when on the plane? Also I always prepare the required amount of water into bottles then bring formula in a dispenser, is this even allowed on the plane?

Aw so many questions, sorry!
Hope some can help.
Hi you can take your water and formula but you can't heat up food on planes and not always bottles either as they often only have ovens. I would make sure you have enough for the day in case your plane is delayed as my first thing. After learning the hard way - I would also take convenience packets of food (the little sachets are great because they can suck on them too!) I always feed (or give dummy) for take off and landing for their little ears.

Can you take an insulated flask with hot water for bottles if warm is how the baby likes it?

Look into a car transfer service (like limo's) they pick you up at the baggage carousel and help with luggage and would have a car seat (otherwise you have to wait for them to order a taxi with car seat and can take ages) Or shuttle buses usually need the carseat as well now.

They have change tables on the plane that drop down over the toilets so that is easy, but plane toilets are not always pleasant so just take the essentials in (nappy, wipes and cloth to lay on if you prefer one - I just use hand towels now)

The other thing I now pack as an extra always - is a cot sheet of my own if I'm using a hire cot - I put it over their sheets so bubs is comfy with smells! Have a great trip


I always bring a spare set of clothes for DD and also spare shirt for me in case she is sick on me.

I agree with PP to bring insulated flask with warm water for formula. There use to be a liquid limit of 100ml, but I think that only applies for international flights now.

In most states, if an infant is under 1 they will need to sit on car seat. If over 1, they can sit on your lap in commercial vechicles like taxis. You can bring your own car seat and airlines should not charge you anything additional to bring your own. If you are hiring a car, you can also hire carseat through car rental company, they normally install the seat before you pick up the car.
the limit dosent count for baby stuff like creams and stuff I was told when I went to Japan but they have microwaves they will warm bottles and food with if need be
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