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Sorry to post another question about travel to cairns.

Me, hubby and the DS are flying business class via qantas, just wondering if anyone has flew buisness with a little baby.

What are the policies?
Like if someone complains, due to my DS crying too much do they have the authority to remove us somewhere else?

Just sooo worried that some rude business man will complain coz he can't sleep!

No, they cant move you and if someone complains they cant really do anything about it. It is against discrimination laws for them to do anything about your baby crying which make you feel uncomfortable. Just remmber that because of the business class set up, there is no option for a bassinette on the plane and will have to nurse your baby the whole time. I guess the only thing you need to worry about is the dirty stares you will get if your baby makes too much noise - sorry, but most people probably wouldnt expect a baby in business class. I would just suggest if he is crying, you may want to do isle laps up and down economy (longer isle for walking). But at the end of the day you have just as much right to be there with you child as they do. So the other passengers will just have to put their headphones on gasp)
Only advise I have is call Qantas and ask them for the seat with the bassinet in the front.

We flew to hawaii, and the bassinet came in handy. DD could lie down for a sleep or sit up and play with her toys.
Bassinet seats are awesome. Extra leg room bassinet for bubs comfort and no worries about the nasty stares. However business class does seem to get better service and have wider chairs. You will just have to nurse bub the whole time which from prior experience get uncomfortable after a while. I guess it depends on how far you are travelling short flight Bris to Cairns would be fine but Perth to Cairns with bubs on your lap is be a pain. I've done perth to Bris with baby on laP (jetstar) got uncomfortable very quickly.
Good luck

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My friend flew first class with her 6mo to Sweden and she said people commented at the end they didn't even know there was a baby on the flight! So hopefully you and bub will be so happy and comfortable, that will be the case for you. As for people complaining, I'm not really sure what can be done, but I have heard some airlines are banning babies on business or was it first class? That may be international though. I think as long as you are making an effort to comfort your baby in the event they are upset, there's not much more you can do.
We travelled to Sydney from Perth in Qantas Business with our then 8w/o DS. The staff were brilliant and thought he was very cute! No one complained even when he stirred a little and even if they do, you'll probably find that the staff will help you out.
The sound of the plane sent our little one to sleep for most of the flight and he only woke for a feed. My husband and I swapped holding him throughout the flight so we could enjoy our meals.
You might want to consider having a bottle ready just in case (though we never used it - he was happy with his breastmilk).
Best of luck!
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