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Baby hates buggy and car seat. Lock Rss

I fear my baby of nearly 12 weeks hates the buggy and car seat. I'm a very fit mum and like to keep active and want to get back out walking but when i put him in the buggy he grizzles then goes to sleep but after 15-20min he wakes up crying and screaming ( the looks you get when that happens are not nice ) and the same with the car seat. The car seat one makes it rather difficult on us as parents as none of our family live near by, the closest is 2hrs away. My wee man is also formula fed and 4 hourly so i dont think he is hungry, i think he just hate getting out and doing things! sad Does anyone have any advice on this topic? thanks smile
Instead of buggy do you have a baby carrier? You can keep him close to you and have hands free. You can go for walks etc. Check put sleepstore babywearing on fb. Car is a little more difficult have you tried a nursery rhyme cd in car?
i have a moby wrap but the same applies to that! he will be fine for a wee bit and end up grizzling/crying really just not sure what to do! i cant stay at home 24/7 ill go stir crazy but going out with him is sooo hard sad
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