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Recommendations Please - Travel Bags for Car Seats and Double Prams Lock Rss

We are travelling with our twins, who will be 19mths old, to Australia for Christmas this year and are looking at logistics of getting car seats and prams arriving safely and undamaged at the other end.

Can anyone recommend good quality, reasonably priced car seat and double pram carry bags for the journey? We have 2 x Diono Radian RXT car seats and a Baby Jogger Mini GT Double to transport.

I haven't travelled with twins but have with my son a lot. I personally would take the exact opposite approach with your pram. Leave the good one at home and buy a super cheap collapsible stroller to take with you so that if the airline break it you don't need to care. I did that with my son and they did slightly damage the padding on the handle but didn't matter whereas if it were my good pram I'd have been super irritated.

As for car seats you'll have to check them in and hope for the best (I'm assuming you didn't purchase seats for them on the plane but if you did many car seats are approved to take on and use during the flight).

Hope that helps.
You can't legally use diono carseat in Australia as they are US standard. You have to use Australia standard seats such as infrasecure. You might be best to look at hiring. I took pram and used carry case for it. Checked it in and no demage. It was a phil and feds carry case and is very big from baby city.
Have just read up on Australian Standards for car seats and it appears we will now be hiring!

Cheers for the advice on Phil & Teds carry case too. Will check them out.
I have twins and hired car seats were great. Can hire pram as well. We took our phil and ted pram without a cover and it was fine. I just made sure the pram lock was on, so it wouldn't open at all when folded. Can use thick foam and gaffs tape to cover handles etc.

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