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Long plane trips, hot weather & time difference! Lock Rss

Hi Everyone,

I know there's only so much advice you can receive and give but I am starting to worry about our planned holiday in October.

Brayden will be 17 months and we have booked the tickets so there's no backing out now!!!

The plane trip to Malaysia is especially long... we leave in the afternoon NZT and don't get to our final destination till 6am (NZT) with a 2 hour stop over. That is about 13 hours on the plane and more on the move with the stopover!!!

Anyway, the good thing is that there's one toddler and 5 adults (we are going with family)... so there's extra hands to help out... carry Brayden on and off the plane if he's sleeping etc.

Also, the climate is tropical and so am worried about how Brayden will cope with that! My mum was telling me that when we were growing up there that we were toilet trained early on - so no need for nappies by the time we're one. Well, Brayden will still be wearing nappies... aaah, nappy rash be worse???!!!

There's a 5 hour time difference also...

Anyway, I have read all the advice on here but would like some more reassurances or anyone who has taken a very active and determined toddler on a plane/overseas holiday... or who has been over to SEAsia with a baby/toddler...

Thanks for listening to my rantings.

Bye for now.

Hi Ladies,
We are going away in July to indonesia for 14days. Yep Hubby and I with our 7yr, 6yr, 4yr and 16mths. We have been told "WE ARE NUTS".
But it will be experience for us. We just want time away from family. We were going to take our lay back stroller. We used it when we went to singapore when our oldest DD was 6mths old. But after thinking about markets like you said crowded, I think I might go get a backpack. IT wasn't crowded in Singa though. smile
I would still like to use stroller though. Our travel agent is organizing a car seat for us if we need it when we get over there. They said anything we need we just have to ask.
You cannot take car seats on planes they have to go through with luggage,(to Bulky) so we decided not to take it as it is in our luggage total kgs when we come back. Also depends on the airline and how big your stroller is to take on as hand luggage. We had to put ours with luggage. But we used it up until we boarded and then they took it to luggage and brought it straight back when we landed. I will let you know how we got on with her and what it is like. smile
hi Brayden's mum, which part of Malaysia are you going? If it's closed to Singapore, then you can easily buy a car seat because most department stores in Singapore sell child/baby car seats that meets Singapore government standard. I'm not too sure how much it cost but I did used one when I was there (borrowed from my friend) and DS totally loved it! I almost wanted to buy one back!

I found baby products in Asia countries had lot more variety, cheaper and good in quality. So I end up having over weight luggage every time I came back home ... But it's always easy to talk your way through when you have a baby in hand;-)

Selina; Raymond 1/2/03, Ryan 28/12/05

opps, I forgot to mention, a tip my mum use to do with us in a car with no seatbelts was put us in the carseats in the backseat backwards. Does that meake sense?! So your little one will be facing backwards in the cars backseat, this way if there is an accident the don't fling out, they are cushioned by their seat?!

Got me:)

Zoe, Qld

Hey Claire & Zoe,

We got back just before midday this morning and I am 'dead on my feet' - I am sooooooo tired atm. I have had a quick nap but now that Brayden has gone down for a nap (kicking and screaming) I will probably crawl back to bed.

I just wanted to post and say that Brayden was REALLY GOOD on our trip and we are very proud of him. It's the 'after the trip blues' we have to deal with now.

I hope to post more details soon... once I feel 'human' again... even though Brayden slept for 7 hours out of the 11 on the way back - I only got 3 on and off... sad

Post soon.

hi ladies?

how are you all?


Zoe, Qld

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