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we flew from Auckland to Melbourne on air nz which is a nearly 4hr flight and we didnt know when we booked that they dont serve kids meals or give them anything to do exept watch kids movies or play games on the tv thing which my 1 and 3yr old wernt interested in and when I asked for some pens and paper the flight attendant gave me a pen out of his pocket and told me my kids had to draw on the sick bags as they had no paper.

I found this very dissopointing since they charged us over $300 for my 3yr old and I have to take food and activities just to keep them happy, next time I will fly with someone else as they are the only airline I know of that doesnt cater for kids on "short" flights.

We are flying back home to NZ on Monday so this time I will make sure I am prepared, but other then that if I didnt have the kids I would definatly fly with Air NZ, they are great for adults.

Sorry for the moan just thought I would share my opinion with everyone.

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I fly Freedom Air and found them wonderful. We didn't get meals being a budget airline but you could buy snack packs for kids and activity packs, also limited hot food, and of course drinks. They were helpful with the kids, I had a 12 year old and 1 yr old. I won't go with anyone else as I had no problems at all. One thing I did notice at the airport in NZ were some smart people that had made sandwiches and snacks to take on the plane. You have to dispose of them before getting off but what a neat idea for a short flight. Any unopened jars or packets can be declared and kept. I declared a packet of chips and was looking for them to show customs that they weren't open until I had to admit I had forgotten that I ate them. It was so funny. Good luck next time. I live in Oz now and have a sister in NZ, we have flown other airlines and are happiest with Freedom Air as they are also the cheapest.

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