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Can you take bottles made up on plane trip? Lock Rss


We are due to fly to the UK in July with our boy who will then be 3 months old. We are flying Emirates and as yet have not asked the question about whether you take bottles already made up or if you take the tin of formula and make them up on the plane? Also for convenience can you make up bottles with bought bottles of water instead of asking them to boil water and waiting for it to cool etc?

Any advice would be appreciated.



It is best not to make up the formula before you go. You can get the sachets or a formula measuring container which you can measure out before you go. The airline staff are very helpful and will provide you with boiled water. I asked them to fill the bottle with half boiled and half bottled water to get the temp right and then added the formula.

Diane, Vic, 14/9/05

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