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Passports for babies Lock Rss

We are going home to NZ for Xmas from Perth. My dd is 3 months old now, will be 9 months then.
I have booked our flights early and would like to get everything organised including her passport.
Should i get it done now, or leave it till much closer to our departure date, I know babies also have to have photos done, and if I got them done now, well of course she's won't look like this in 6 months time.
I really want to have everything sorted, even if it is 6 months too early!!!
Hi Jasmine

We have just had to get a passport for our baby boy who is all of 8 weeks old as we are flying to the UK next month but the airline can't issue a ticket until they see a passport so we had to get one done ASAP. We had trouble getting the photo as it has to meet strict guidelines such as eyes open, mouth closed, full face showing both ears etc., which is pretty hard with a baby!!!! I suppose it doesn't matter if you do it now or nearer the time as they change so much anyway and the passport is going to be with them for the next 5 years. I took lots of photos on my digital camera and took them into Kmart as they print out passport sized photos but as it turned out I had taken them too close so they ended up taking one there and printed out for us.

Hope some of this is useful to you, good luck!!!

I organised passports for my d'ters (3yo & 4mths) 3 weeks ago.

I went to a shop that a friend had used. They were great and experienced in taking passport photos of babies.

Take a plan white sheet for your baby to lie on (I used a cloth nappy). Stand behind the person taking the photo, that way they will look in the correct direction. Make sure to go after a feed in awake time, you don't want dd crying because she is hungry/tired.

If it isn't working go back at another time, don't stress about it.

Digital cameras are great!

We have just returned home from an overseas holiday with our 9 month old. We had her passport done when she was 4 months. When we were leaving the country and they asked to see the baby I asked how did they tell if it was her when she is 4 years old and the immigration guy said they have set indicators that they use to tell that it is the same child so it doesnt matter if you get it now or closer to the time, it wont make any difference.

Diane, Vic, 14/9/05

some photo shops take the passport photo's using a digital camera so it shouldn't take long until the right photo comes along. Get the passport done as soon as you can, its one less thing off the list. It took 3 weeks for my sons' passport to be processed in Australia.

cheers Simon
Hi Jasmine,
Our daughter had her passport done at 1 week old. This was 7yrs ago. It took awhile for the photo to be done as we had to stand and what for her to open eyes. We travelled 6 months later. We used her passport again 3 yrs later. We inquired first if we would have problems but they siad the facial structure is what they go on. We have just updated our passports to go away again and will now have the same suituation with our youngest as we did when our oldest was younger. Also we change too. But not as much as kids. Hubby looks really different in his passport. He had hair and a beard. NOw he don't. We will see if it works.
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