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Driving Bne to Syd with 3 kids Lock Rss

We are planning on driving down to Sydney this Christmas to visit family with our 3 kids that will be aged 8yrs, 5yrs and 18mths by then. Any tips on the trip to make it a little more fun for the kids and for the parents too as the last long car trip we did to Sydney was when the 5 year old was 5 mths old as we opted for flying the other times. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
MJT mum of 3

mum of 3.Qld Boy 7years,Girl 5 years,Girl 13months

I would highly recommend getting a portable dvd player for the two older boys ( to share ) It has saved my sanity on more than one occasion. You can pick them up for about $70-$100 at electrical stores and department stores. Just take lots of toys and snacks with you, stopping regularly so they can stretch thier legs and have a run around. Might be an idea to get some little travel pillows so they can have a snooze. Good Luck I know it is a long trip, hope all goes well!

Little miss cranky pants : S

Having driven from Melb to Bris last christmas I know exactly what you are in for. My kids are 8, 3 and 18 months and I found for the older 2 that a portable DVD player with headphones is great. Keeps them entertained for a little while. I found my 18 month old tended to sleep alot more than usual, maybe due to the movement of the car. Colouring books and small board games are also a good idea. I would advise to leave early so that hopefully all your kids will go back to sleep in the car. Have some stops at parks on the way as this can tire them out as well so maybe thats an idea

good luck

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