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Paper flowers - slacktarts (and anyone else interested) Rss

Oh cool thank you! I will check out the links. I'd like to have a go at making the pom poms. I like the idea of the paper garlands too.

You will have to post pics of your efforts and all the birthday party decorations smile
Tickled the Cookie Monster lanterns look awesome! They're so clever.

Mimsy the flowers are beautiful, pastel colours will be so pretty when it all comes together. A real classic look
I'm really late but that paper flower tutorial is soooo easy!! The Martha Stewart ones cost llike $30 for a pack of 4!! I'm going to make these for dds birthday I think.

My mum and i made a load of the pom-poms and flowers in yellow for my DD's first birthday (it was a sunshine theme) and hung clusters of them round it looked great and everyone was oooing and aaaaing. They r so easy and cheaper than buying the already made ones.

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