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Wall decals Lock Rss

Any tips for applying wall decals? I got some cloud ones for mum wee mans room but too afraid I won't get them straight etc so any tips appreciated lol
Just bumping your post so you will get a few replies smile
Try starting at the corner of one decal and slowly pulling the backing of as you push onto the wall, a bit like you would apply that plastic wrap stuff on school books?
You can use one of those laser levels and maybe some masking tape to make sure the decal is straight. Take your time applying it and step back and look at it from time to time to get make sure the big picture is going the way you want it to
I have experienced, first thing i did is to measure all the corners, then measure the decals to determine how many of them will needed and reduce the cutting thing. Then applying the decals, i used kraft tape for temporary placement of the decals.. last start at the top slowly, and used ruler (triangle ruler is better) to remove any bubbles... then everything went good.
Great idea for a variety of outdoor environments.
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