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Hello everyone! I am new to this forum, but I trust you can help me find my way here. smile

Anyway, I have issues with organising my home. My boy is 7 years old now and he is really getting into crafts and he already has plenty of toys! I just don't know where to put all that stuff and how to label the bins and whatnot.

Can you guys please help me. Desperate mum here!

Hi Catherine,

I had the same issue recently, but I have managed to resolve it with some decorative bins and baskets. However, I strongly recommend finding the way to label them so you wouldn't waste time searching for the things you and your son need. Just stay away from sticky notes, because they easily peel of and just disappear.
Hi guys,
I also relied on bins and baskets, but I haven't used sticky notes for labeling. I relied on some label makers for that, if you manage to find them, awesome. They will be of great help. smile
Do you need to keep all the stuff? We started hiding things that weren't played with very often and it made it easy to know what to donate.
Well, I have already thrown out most of the things I don't need. But I still have plenty of items. I was considering getting something for labelling, since we have a lot of bins. Do you guys have any suggestions.

I must keep digging for solutions. grin

Thank you everyone!
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