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Hello Rss

Hi I'm not sure if I can post on this forum as I'm hoping to become a foster mum which I am in the process of. I'm hoping that there are other people on here that are going through the process or are foster carers. It would be nice to talk to other carers.

I am 32 years old and my husband is 38 years old. We don't have any children of our own as IVF is the only way for us to conceive. We live in Melbourne, Victoria and are very much looking forward to hopefully having children come into our care who we can love, nurture and keep safe.

Thanks for reading smile

Of course you can post here! Sorry I don't foster care myself but hopefully you will find someone who does that you can chat to smile
my sister dose a bit of foster caring and she loves it she has 3 kids of her own so good luck with it all
Thanks Little Rascals and mumma001 for your replies.
We start the education training this saturday, so excited grin
I hope it all goes well for you
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