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Hi :-) Rss

Hello everyone, I have been a long-time lurker and thought it was about time I signed up.

I'm 24 years old, living in Christchurch with my husband and our three month old daughter. We moved from Wellington nearly two years ago where we both grew up.

This is my first time joining an online community, looking forward to taking part and who knows, maybe even meet some other Christchurch ladies. While I was pregnant I found browsing this forum to be really helpful and of comfort so reckon it's only fair to contribute something back!

Welcome to huggies smile

Welcome smile Have a great time here smile
Hi smile hope you have fun!

Hello and welcome to posting! smile
Welcome! smile
Hi! Glad you decided to join in smile

Congratulations on your baby girl wub

Hello and welcome. Glad that you're posting now, I lurked for a tiny while before joining too. It helped a bit I think.
Hi smile Hope you are not too cold down there at the moment - although I hear there was snow yesterday in parts of chch - now that I would have loved!! grin

Thank you all for the lovely welcomes grin

Little Egg, would have loved some snow in our neighbourhood, maybe next time. Been wanting to see how the dog would react to it, the cats loved it last time it snowed in Wellington. Nice day to rug up though, wasn't bad at all.

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