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Limited budget for a wedding this year??? Rss


Can I do it???

Rings, brides maids dress, table decorations and cheif don't need to be included. We have my rings and DF's wont cost much to get any time, brides maid is making her dress and already has the fabric, already have table deco's and a friends hubby has said he'll man the BBQ and they'll both help organising food.

I am obviously going to ring around and find the best prices in my area, but just thought i'd ask some questions anyway...

Is there much price difference between a celebrant and minister/church?

Did you have a backyard reception? How did you make it more than an "aussie BBQ?"? I want it a bit fancy. I had thought i'd go to the local butcher and ask him to make up a nice meat package, get some platters made up...

We haven't figured out how many people will be invited, but so far I only have 8 on my list 12 including their children! I'm figuring around 30-40 give or take...

Other things i've thought about that need organising, please add anything I may have missed-
~Dress, hair & make-up (have a friend who'll do make-up cheap, won't let her do it for nothing)
~Suit hire
~Invites (making them myself)
~Order of service (will make myself)
~Music (already picked what I want got it all on cd)
~Celebrant or minister/church
~Photographer (DF's relo=free$$$)
~Cake (friend will make)

Basically I just want to know how your wedding on a budget worked out?

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AKA- 2_little_monkeys or 2 little angels

I don't want to burst your bubble, but no. I don't think you can.
~Meat for 30-40 people at least a couple of $100
~My dress was about $400, which was on a half price sale. But the least you'll pay is probably $100-$200
~ Suit hire is actually really expensive. So it depends on how many groomsmen there are. You'll pay at least $150
~Invites I made myself and after buying all the paper and paying for postage it ended up costing me approx. $100
~My celebrant is $330 and that's pretty cheap
~Hair is at least $50
These are some other things I'm having and prices:
Cake- $100
Flowers- $500
Lingerie- $100
Accessories- $100
Photographer- $795
Wedding night suite- $140
Attendants gifts- $100

There are so many things that you don't think of when planning a wedding. I consider ours on a budget and it's costing around $10 000, that's including the honeymoon. Mention the word wedding and it's all expensive, even getting married at the registry office cost $300 or so.

hi 2 little monkeys,
i think you can go pretty close with a bit of planning and really looking around. at least i hope you can because im in the same boat! we are having it in the backyard and like you want something a bit jazzier than a bbq
maybe you can ask a couple of people to make a plate of somehting and maybe make it byo.
maybe we cna bounce ideas off each other
i think you can do it my ex and his wife done there wedding for $2500 and that was for nearly everything,she used fake flowers so she could keep them and honestly in the photos you cant tell they are fake and they looked gorgeous .and i know on the invites she had a nice poem something to do with being together for a while they have all house hold goods and a money present would go futher and had a wishing well.If you would like i can see if she still has a copy or i have one from another friends wedding.

my best friends wedding we paid for our own meals as a preasent to them which in the invite had a nice poem about already having everything and if we paid for our meals it would be the best present.

Look on e bay for a dress to thats where i am getting mine,and if you have flower girls look in little shops that sell kids dresses you can pick them up for about thirty dollars and alot have little boys suits too.

hope i helped a little .

you probably could if you cut back on the cost of some stuff...

Alcohol buy Grays online for about $72 a case for wine
Flowers I am only having Button Holes for the boys and a single red rose in a leaf for me that is only $30
Church is the killer - mine is $760 plus a late fee deposit of $250.
Cake small $80.00 make sure you have something else for dessert as well.
See your butcher they can usually do a whole side of beef and lamb for about $200.00 and then you need your salads etc...
Hire for tables and chairs if you don't already have them
Does DF have a suit in the cupboard????? just buy a new tie to match..
Photographer is $700.00
Car hire use a friend or contact your local car club heaps cheaper that way ours is $100 from a work collegue..
Don't forget if you have it in your backyard then you need a contingency plan if it rains you don't want to get wet so maybe a tarp or marquee as well.
That is all I can think of for now...

Owen 26.2.04 and Hannah 17.9.07

Hey Helen??

How r u sugar...i'm only repyling to wish u the best of luck becoz i have no ideas on how to cheapen things up besides using fake flowers..or get a friend with sum talent to make a backyard boquet??

my wedding cost me about $30 000 give or take and it was a complete and i mean COMPLETE waste of money...i couldve put that straight onto my house or sumthing..i wish i had a budget like urs coz i think a bbq would have been funner then a stupid over the top reception (all dh's traditions)
i didnt even enjoy my wedding that cost about a house deposit as i stressed all day.. i wish u the best of luck and ill look around to see if there is anythign i have that may be of use to u and ill send it out to u!! may as well get sum good out of all money i paid for sum stuff..

is there anything u havent organised yet?? xx
Hi all,

Thanks for the replies. I think i'm going to be able to do it! I should have it all sorted by the end of the week.

Reception- Asking guests to pay and not give money or prezzies
Dress- $275
Suit- $99
Cake- $185
Car- Using our own car ('69 dodge charger)
Hair & Make-up- Friend doing it cheap
Church/celebrant- Not sure yet
Photos- Calling a friend of DP's this week, will do them cheap

Other little bits and pieces i'll buy outside of the budget just as I find them eg shoes, mens shirts, invitation (got most of the materials for them), flowers (silk/fake) though I love the idea of a single rose! etc...

When i've got it all sorted properly i'll put a total cost list up.


AKA- 2_little_monkeys or 2 little angels

Well done! Hope you enjoy all your planning!

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