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Wedding gifts - what to buy? Lock Rss

Posted this in appropriate section, but i am chasing some speedy responses!
What was your favorite pressie? Or what would you appreciate the most?
I am stuck on what to get my family members for their wedding.
My budget is around $250
Any ideas?


umm you could go a....

nice dinner set,
cutlery set,
some nice frames for there wedding photos,
A frypan set
Kettle / Toaster / Grill set


just give them $250 id be damn hapyp with a $250 gift lol.
but umm we had a wishing well for ours. but engagement party we got heaps of kitchen stuff. like a Wok, love that, and a big flat jaffal maker thing.
and a fairy floor and pop corn machine lol they are soo fun and good, sorry im not help
Good quality:
Doona Cover


Wow you girls are quick. So many ideas - thankyou!


We got gift vouchers for both wedding and engagement gifts that meant we could get what we needed. We actually found a gift voucher to a grocery store helped as we hadnt lived together before marriage and needed to buy groceries and cleaning stuff to start off, and could put our money to other things.
And the towels, sheets, blankets were also handy.
I recon a voucher from myers is great as you can use it at so many stores.

Mum to 5 amazing gifts from God. 3 girls 2 boys

I'd give them cash...

Another idea is a digital photo frame smile We got 2 for our engagement and love them
doona covers
Pot set
His and hers bath robes
we got a beautiful clock. That was my fav gift.

i''''m baking a baby

I would agree with a good towel set or a good sheet set. Nice set of glasses, cutlery
Hi! I have got a silver certificate cylinder that was given to me when bub was born. It is sterling silver with her name and dob engraved in it and it is designed to hold birth certificates or wedding certificate. I love mine it is a great keepsake. Should be able to get them from the gift shops or jewellers.

Just have to say to second time around... i love your user name!

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