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Did your bridesmaids pay for their dresses? Lock Rss

Just wondering as i have been asked to be a friends bridesmaid and we will be paying for our own dresses. I feel really grateful to be asked by my friend to be her bridesmaid but have NO money, i mean NO money for this. What doesnt help is that its all very sudden and unexpected and with only a few months notice.

Just wondering what you have done and what your thoughts are on this?
I had 3 bridesmaids and I paid for their dresses, $450 each smile

The girls paid for their hair and makeup which was $160 each and they also bought their own shoes and earrings...

I think it's the norm these days for the bridesmaids to cover the costs... Maybe you could explain to your friend that you can't afford it and she could help you out?
I have heard of the bridesmaids paying for them before but am unsure if its the 'done thing' or if it just depends from person to person. The others iv been bridesmaids for i didnt have to pay, one was my sister and the other i was pregnant and the dress was made to fit.....i will just have to pay it but its just thrown me out because of the short notice.

Im also worried whether its the right thing for my friend as they have only been together a short time and only just got back together after breaking up so im worried shes rushing into it without thinking and then organising a wedding in a very big rush! (not pregnant either) I will support her either way but just worried!
Yep I think each bride is different lol I chose to pay for the dresses as they were more expensive than the other bits n pieces...

All you can do is support your friend and hope that she is making the right choice, I did this last year when I was a maid of honour for a friend but I really don't like the guy she married. I figured if she was happy then I had better make the effort to help her enjoy her day!! Fingers crossed it works out for them hey grin
Yeah well thats one good thing is he seems like a really nice guy, I just feel like i barely know him iv only met him probably about 5 times and i cant believe they are getting married! (We are really close friends) I have been with my DP 3.5 years and when i think back i hardly knew him at all after 1 year of being together! Im still getting to know him now but as you said il just support her and i do really hope it works out for them!
Sometimes these things just work out lol my DH propsed just under 3 months after we met, got pregnant 3 months later with a planned baby and we married 2yrs after that... Been together 4yrs now grin

I'm sure the wedding will be great, but if your short on cash make sure you discuss it with your friend straight up that way she doesn't choose some crazy expensive dress then ask you to pay for it!
I had three bridesmaids and paid for their dresses as I wanted a specific ball type dress that they weren't likely to wear again. Their jewelery I paid for as a thank you gift. They bought their own shoes.
I paid for everything for my bridesmaids. We were all pretty broke, but I figured it was my wedding! The only thing that they paid for was their shoes, but they also had the option of wearing shoes they already had if they were the right colour. Our wedding was outside and was a bit more informal than some so things were a bit more relaxed.
I paid for everything for my bridesmaids except their shoes! The dresses were floor length, so noone saw the shoes, so i didnt care that they didnt match.
I figure that it is my wedding & they shouldnt be put out by having to fork out soooo much money. They were dresses that I picked, so not necessarily something that they would ever pick for themselves & were unlikely to ever wear again. I didnt want any of the girls feeling like they couldnt share in my special day because they couldnt afford it or that they had to sacrifice something so that they could.

I sold all 3 of my bridesmaids dresses later on & got $300 for 2 & $350 for the other & i paid $350 each for them, so they really only cost me $100. All the 3 of the girls dry cleaned them for me (i didnt ask them to, but a great idea) so when i got back from the honey moon, they were ready to go.
ETA: i dont necessarily think there is a 'norm' when it comes to this anymore, i think it varies bride to bride & what their budget is
i paid for all 3 of my bridesmaids dresses and accessories, they bought their shoes or wore ones they had. i also paid for their hair and make up.

To be honest i think it is quite rude to ask you bridesmaid to pay for their dress. Your the one getting married, why should someone eles have to fork out hundreds to participate in your wedding that you asked them to be in.

I actually wish, in hindsight, that i didn't have any bridesmaids, 2 of the three were so ungreatefull. Their dress cost $350 (which they got to keep) and $60 for accessories and while we were getting a fitting they were looking around and picked out another dress that was $450 and said oh look this one is nicer gasp

do you think if you explained your situation she would offer to pay for it? if not then just simply tell her you can afford it.

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I had my bridemaids pay for part of their dresses and I bought all the shoe's, accessories, etc. Looking back I wish I didn't go all out and get the fancy dresses though, they would never wear them again. Now divorced if I get married again I would let them pick a nice dress they could wear again.
I have 6 dresses in my wardrobe that I will never wear again but cannot bear to part with considering the money I've spent! Yes i'm a proffessional bridesmaid! One wedding I had to pay for the dress, shoes, hair AND makeup all up I spent around $600, the bride bought us the necklace and earrings; the necklace turned my Skin green and one of the earrings broke! Nice!

I think you need to be honest and tell the bride you aren't exactly flush at the moment and find out exactly what you're expected to pay for as well as an estimate of the costs. If you can't afford it tell her you're honoured to be asked but given your situation and the short timeframe means you just can't do it. If she's a good friend she'll understand, she mean ask someone else or even offer to pay for part or all of the dress.

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